Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Shoot.

I cannot stand the ticket aka. saman picture below on ma first post so I so update!!!

Actually hand itchy wanna update also. =P

Anyway, this is about... the other day that I finally got to meet up with YewYew again.

We had Sushi King and then proceed to lepak at Starbucks.

Three times of meeting up and all three we were in Starbucks. *rolleyes*

And she so not a fans. lol

Anyway, we both brought our DSLR and ended up shooting like two mad women.

First come food in Sushi King, not like you guys never been there but I didn't go there for quite some time not to mention taking pictures of the food there.



Love those Ikura!

Always give me the feeling of the ocean when the tiny bits pops in ma mouth. Gee.

Taste of the ocean anyone? *so lame*

And ma first try on the curry, like so finally!!

I've been saying I wanna try wanna try wanna try for ages and finally I did.

It's not bad, taste like...

Japanese curry. lol.



YewYew's udon and ma favourite edamame!

I used to called edamame 'some beans' lol.

But I really like it. Tee~

Must eat everytime I have Japanese food.



Some random sushi plates we had.

Seriously there's like how many little amount of sushi plates on the kaiten belt!

Can count with fingers eh seriously!

Like so little and like each plate, there's at least 1 or 2 feet empty space.


Bulan Ramadhan or H1N1??


Can't help but to shoot and post the hardcore YewYew here. lol

Shoot those food like nobody's business with a 'must-die' look on her face. =P

And like I said, after we finished out meal, we proceed to Starbucks.

Just to sit and talk and continue to shoot random stuff, our mission of the day:-

Random Shoot










Random enough? Gee.

Anyway, the last picture of the DSLR is shot by YewYew using my DSLR shooting her own DSLR. lol

Did I confused you? =P

That Nikon D60 is YewYew's and also shot by her, I mean.

Got it?

YewYew damn cute in that camwhore pic! LOL

Too bad her face is blur or else...

*detemined face* Confirm wanna catch YewYew to camwhore with me next time.

And ma blog is turning into a Starbucks' fans blog again!!


No more I swear!

And I'ma so sleepy, I want go faint now.

At least the ticket aka. stupid saman is not on first post anymore.

And o'yeah, emo post deleted.

Ma Baby Drug still laps me gao.

So no worry,
good night.

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