Tuesday, October 6, 2009

busy, lazy.

Just some pictures from the other day when I hang out with Vivian at Starbucks poking around with Photoshop.

These pictures are those rare one that I highly edited them on contrast.

But love the result of it.






And then I figured out the fun of macro lens!!

It's so much fun though ain't taking macro. lol

And we messed with it for a while.




I really wish that lens is mine though. Gee.

Anyway, no updates lately.

As usual, loads of pictures in my albums.

But I'ma busy and at the same time lazy.

Busy and lazy, yes.

So I ended up rushing, busy, slack, rush, slack, busy and rush.

And then I slacked today and tomorrow ma Baby Drug's coming to see me!!

Then Monday comes. *gasp*

By the way, on even a more random note, I just paint ma nails.

But I regret one the colour choice.

Nude. What was I thinking.

Never mind, maybe a blue when I go to KL or new colour I should go look tomorrow.

It's time to sleep.


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