Sunday, October 18, 2009

random update.

I think I'ma obsessed with showering.

It's the second time I took shower since I woke up and that only like 6hours ago?

But I didn't wash ma hair.

No, I'ma not dirty!

Just that I have curls now, it's kinda difficult when I leave it to dry, it might just go haywire on me and I'll look like a crazy woman the next day. *frown*

But I'ma gonna shower again when I come back later plus hair wash. *piff*

I'ma going to the temple for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival later!

Pray hard for some good shots.

And pray hard I don't get scolded for taking pictures there, I guess pictures are allowed, no?

Anyway, I hope I won't get kicked when people saw me blogged and updating Facebook and Twitter furiously but I went M.I.A in for like almost two days.

I am really trying really hard to work on ma assignments!!

But ma production rate is like super slow.

Lecturers are gonna kill me tomorrow, I MC-ed last Thursday and Friday. *sigh*

My assignment is like 40% done only?

60% more to go not thinking of other assignments more. *faint*

And then I have so many stuff that I need to do.

Post office, brow trimming, Body Shop, take picture for ma assignment, bla bla bla and most importantly, four more days before running away to KL again! *gasp*

Erm... this is random.

And I got to go.


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