Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Addicted Chio-ness. ♥

Done editing the super chio photo!

Bell joined me for fun!

So now I have two super chio pictures!

Are you ready?

To those who don't like it, go away la.

I know you guys don't like edited pic but we like.

So here it goes...

first one done by me.


Taken today during dinner, chio or not? *perasan gao gao*

Volumised the hair, bigger eyes, lighter eyes colour, smaller nose, smaller face, and I was already having fake eyelashes but more faux eyelashes from Photoshop!

Super love Photoshop eyelashes!!

Here comes another chio me by Bell!

A bit kuajeong but I like.


Vampir-ish or not? Super love lor!

Muax Bell...!

I am actually thinking not to post the before photos for you guys buthen...

I don't want you guys accused me that I cheat you all lor.

So I am going to post the before and after pictures side by side.

Also!! Do take note that on normal days I don't edit ma pictures like that okay.

Normally it's just a bit of colour touch up on contrast and brightness that's all.

So don't say I lie or cheat la wtf.

But I still like chio pics.

Here comes the before and after.

Don't get heart attack ya.



Now I think I look weird if not ugly in the before pictures. lol

Should I put these as ma display pictures in social networks aka. Facebook and Twitter?

Edited till a bit kuajeong right but so chio I like!

So how?

Maybe diplay picture for like... a few days? lol.

Can't help it!

So if you see the choi me on social networks, it's edited okie!

I don't cheat lor wtf.



Wei Ru said...

OMG so pretty

AmbiguousAmbitions said...

hai wanna exchange links? :)

alLets' Lexy said...

thanks dear.
photoshop does wonder. ^^

i don't see your blog.

xuanchew said...

why so big different?! :P

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