Monday, November 9, 2009

Chio-ness! ♥

Was looking at LookBook and most really do amaze me.

But me no LookBook material, just look and be jealous material got ler.

But none that I super love the most yet but I found some that I really want the items!

Like this picture,

I super want a bag like that!

Ma black trash bag is dying on me already and I need to get one huge bag that I can dump anything in including ma DSLR.

But I want something studded!

Huge leather studded bag would be perfect!

Seriously, I don't mind paying a few hundred bucks for it but... I can't find one yet.

Is that leather in the pic?

I'ma not sure but if it's leather with those studded plus black in colour, omg it's gonna be so perfect! *dream*

Wait till I find ma perfect studded bag.

Then it comes to this...

Zara Black Bag, Myboyfriend Shirt

The jacket!!

I wanna get one hell of a jacket but of course not so leathery one or else I'ma gonna die with such weather in Malaysia.

That kind of cutting but different material, preferably thinner one but still do good when I'ma cold.

Really, I have been looking everywhere for one lately, ma sweater doesn't do enough good anymore. Like sayur masin, can.

Other than that, I still have yet to find a nice pictures.

More cravings actually but no suitable pictures.

Anyway, I'ma actually waiting for Bell to send me the eyelashes brushes so I can edit ma pic gao gao and become super chio! *damn perasan*

So jealous of Bell's latest chio pic! So chio, can!

Super love the eyelashes, eye colour and the hair!

I want lashes like that!!


I'ma serious weh!

If got lashes like that no make up also never mind. lol

Now I want go edit ma picture gao gao in Photoshop for super chio-ness effect.

I like la, you all don't complain okie.

Especially guys. Cis.

p/s: I'ma so addicted with the word 'chio'.

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