Saturday, November 7, 2009

crap updates.


I'ma back!!

For a while.

lol. Bell is complaining that I ain't updating.

No complaint from Francine though. Geez.

Why am I not updating again?

The same few reasons, what else:-

I'ma busy.

I'ma lazy.

I'ma guilty if I do update.

That's always the three reasons of why it's like dead in here.

But does it matter now since there's no more people coming in no matter what! *crai!*

Anyway, I'ma currently like about less than a month away from the end of semester.

Precisely 3 weeks more for me to finish off all the assignments which includes:-

2 advertisements, 8 photography, 1 newsletter, 4 packagings, 6 photoshop work and 1 illustration.


3 weeks weh! How to finish?!

Superwoman bet can do that. *faint*

So what do I do that make no progress with ma assignments.

I am slow in production just because I'ma multitasker and when I don't, my brain just doesn't function well.

So no matter what, I'ma still slow and now you will see the bf shaking his head grumbling that I'ma just plaing making excuses. Hell yeah.

Then I just got lazy when I'ma back home.

Home ain't for work, no?!

Home is homeeeeeeee!!!

And Starbucks is too expensive to be made as 'work place' or in this case, 'assignment place'.

Been to Starbucks like 3 days consecutively and I think I spent like more than a hundred bucks?

Blame the new Christmas tumbler! So prettyyyyyyy!!!

Then... I ain't sleeping right.

Like today, I spent like almost the whole day sleeping ma ass off. It's just that ma ass is still intact though.

I woke up at 11am, I showered, ate, online and went back to bed at around 2pm.

And then I woke up at 6pm and I ate, showered and... online.

Still online since you see I'ma blogging here.

Yesterday I dragged ma mom shopping since she said wanna get a sweater.

Parents have been going up and down Genting quite frequent lately, jealous!

It's not like I have anything to do there but it's Genting!!

And they have more shops compare to Ipoh!


And ma mom bought the same black sweater that I have in one size bigger. *pout*

Mommy having same sweater with me wtf!

Then I saw this nice jacket they don't have my size but Genting might have it. Since it's a size bigger and it might just fit me.

But I ain't going Genting!! *raWwRrrr!!!*

That jacket so nice can!! Ma sweater is like going to be sayur masin soon and I'ma so into jacket lately!

Don't ask why, I just want jacket. I feel so bored with ma clothes.

Talking about clothes, I have like a dozen of t-shirts that I have no place to put them!

All throw on ma stool now in the room.

Wondering if I should keep them or not, mom always make me keep them.

I wonder when am I going to where them again.

Like NEVER! *sigh*

I wanna buy a studded leather bag.

A studded black super huge leather bag for everyday use.

The one I am using now is like gonna just die soon.

And the new handbag is not suitable for everyday use, too female-ish for my everyday coll look.

Since I pactically just have shirt and jeans for coll aka ugly looking.

O'yeah!! I got ma BB already!! *yay!!*

But oOops, no decent pic of it eh buthen it looks like the normal BB so it doesn't matter with no picture though.

Had some problem with Xpax the first few days but seems to have it solved last night.

Hope everything doesn't go wrong from now on.

And should I pimp it?

Gee. *big big evil grin*

Imagine a super duper bling BB!


Laaa...~ Enough of crap, gotta go prepare for yumcha.


And be prepare for no update for forever again after this.



яіи†akase said...



<3 Good luck in your work ^__^

alLets' Lexy said...

lol. didn't say those are not excuses. =P


muax rin. lol

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