Monday, November 23, 2009


Disclaimer: Most pictures in ma blog recently are not originally by me aka. Stella aka. alLets Lexy.

Only those pictures with ma signature or ma blog add is originally from me. Buthen there's time when I was too lazy to put watermark. So yeah.


Disclaim ady like did not.

But anyway, those pictures which are not mine will be link back to the source. So if you see a link border sort of thing then you would be link back to the source when you click on it and that proves it's not mine.

Why I make the disclaimer?

Because there's more and more people thinking those pictures are by me which are not.

I don't wanna take credit for maself for something which is not mine.

Will try to link them back to source next time with fully written words.

Buthen don't say la it's not mine when it is originally from me.

Damn sad if people don't wanna give me credit for ma photography, right.

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