Friday, November 27, 2009

"may i noe more u?"



What's with the 'fast fast reply ar~~' phrase?

Must I reply to him wth?

And what's with the phrase 'may i noe more u?'

He wanna know a few more Stella, a few more Lexy or a few more alLets?

How many me does he think that exist wth?

Maybe I shouldn't post his face and his name out but I guess there wouldn't be much harm done since ma blog has no much visitors if you count any.

Somemore it's not like his picture show his face clearly or what.

Plus the name does sound like deteriorate.

Define: to make or become worse or inferior in character, quality, value, etc.

I seriously feel like banging ma head on the table when I saw that.

Really wtf wtf wtf?! Triple wtf?!

Seriously, I think Facebook is getting more and more lala like how Friendster is where it eventually got dominated by the lala community and now turned out to be a lala social networking.


So sad to even just think about it!

I just wanna Facebook to stay the decent way it is without being contaminated with lala style or whatsoever.

I still wanna stay in Facebook! I don't wanna have ma existence deleted from Facebook like how I did to Friendster! Damn sad one okay!

Maybe I am just being mean.

If a stranger add me without leaving a message or anything, I wouldn't layan as I don't add stranger for no reason somemore without a message or whatsoever.

Buthen when someone send a request along with a message, I condemn wth.

But he's like the only one so far for the past one month who request for friend add who attached a message but...

what a failed one.

*super huge sweat drop*

Okay fine, I shouldn't condemn him in any way, he just wanna make friend.

But I don't want!

Okay now I appear to be a bitch and discriminating.

I am not!

I just don't like!

It's ma right.

I'll just leave the request there till the next session of request clearing.

That would prolly be two weeks or more later when I am free to go through all of them all over again.

For the mean time, just accept the fact that I am mean.

Not in a good mood, hence the random bitchy post.

Pity the random victim, too.

If you like to.


Isabellmiao said...

LMAO! LALAzzz!!!

alLets' Lexy said...

*show lala hand sign~*

what. XDDD lol

francine said...

damn cham tat guy. LOL. people just have poor english what. haha.

alLets' Lexy said...

i racist ma. cheh.

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