Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Chio-ness, Fran was back.

Hand itchy wanna edit all pictures gao gao lately. Gao gao = you prolly won't recognise when you see the real person. lol

Francine was back the other day from Singapore so we went out.

Went to Jusco for dinner, had Sushi King, tried to shop around but in the end, I remember I didn't buy any clothes that I wanted to.

Then I showed her those super gao edited chio photos and say I want edit for her also.

So here it is, one of me and then her.



Here is the 'real' us, not to say that those two above were fake.

But above is chio pics what! lol


That's all for first day.

Nothing much, just dinner and shop around.

Second day, I decided to pull her to Indulgence planning to have brunch.

But we reached quite late and it was around 2pm plus already and I don't feel like having the brunch menu they have already.




The very normal unedited not-so-chio us. lol

The lighting was very bad there and all photos are edited, in the sense of colour, contrast and brightness.

But still accaptable no?

Though we look like we have no make up on, we did, really.


Finally I'ma gonna show ma BlackBerry on ma blog!

Not like anyone of you never see one before, but I like.

And I got to know that BB Curve 8520 is also called BB Gemini!!

Damn love!!
So coincidence it's called Gemini and I so love Gemini coz I'ma Gemini maself! lol.


Here comes the food.

Ice lemon tea for both of us, damn gao lemon.

More than three pieces, was it four pieces? I don't know but nice.


I had this pasta name Margi or something which I forgot what it has but it has something like beef plus mutton mixed in a sausage kind of thing.

And that is love! Damn nice.

But I think I taste shiitake mushroom and that's like super hate!

So I ended up leaving those on the side. Shiitake mushroom is so eWwwww~

But I love all other mushroom super lots!

I only hate shiitake.


Fran's dish was named BoBo. lol

Damn weird name for a dish, it's chicken.

She keep on complaining it's not nice and not worth the price bla bla bla.

I have no comment, really.


When we were done with our food, the restaurant was practically all cleared.

All customers have already done and gone, so we took some time to take a few pictures and talk a bit.

Ciao before getting kick out.





They already have a super nice christmass tree set up at the main entrance!!!

OMG I love Christmas so much and really, I don't mind having a much earlier Christmas.

Guess it's gonna be very pretty if I went there at night when the tree is lighted up. Gee.

I wish everyday is Christmas!

After that we went to Parade for a bit, got ma Starbucks doses , then decided to go shopping at boutiques ended up I bought zero and she bought a damn nice leather bag which she keep on complaining that it's expensive for the materials.

Cis, this woman keep on complaining only.

Then we ended up in a nail salon, I had pedicure for like 40bucks but I think it's cheat one.

Francine also say it's cheat one since it doesn't have any effect, plus she always have pedicure in Singapore so she should know.

But Francine did manicure plus nail art, that shop arcylic nails damn cheap! Only 60bucks.

If I have cash, I wanna go do in Dec! Gee.

Anyway, here is the original of both the chio pictures up there.

Don't want you all say I cheat you all lor.

So sure I put if I edit pictures till damn chio one.



That's all for now.

This time I damn nice, edit these pictures so fast.

Normally I just put aside and totally forgot about them or just plain lazy. Gee.

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