Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starbucks planner owned!

I started a post last Friday when I have so much to blog about and then something came up and I was like super duper pissed off ma nails literally turned purple and hence I stopped blogging and then now what I started the other day doesn't make sense anymore after few days.

So I have to start all over again which I don't even know what to blog about. *frown*

It's just that I wrote in ma status saying that I 'die die also must blog tonight!!' and now that if I don't, I think Bell and Fran gonna kill me or something.

Or Fran just not gonna buy me the super cute candy from Singapore when she comes back the next time. *sad*

Anyway, I finally got to redeem 2010 Starbucks planner last Friday!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! *excited squeal*

I actually have like 3 stamps left or so but thanks to some particular person, I got it already and starting a new card, too. LOL!

I have been having Starbucks planner since 2 years back that means this is my third one but I didn't use this year one due to some reason and now... I think this year one is more prettier than this year.

I'ma actually in a dillemma of whether to use 2009 or 2010 for the coming year.

2009 one is a leather one but of course the inside is outdates since it's this year but thank god! 2010 planner refills can be taken out and used with the 2009 planner leather cover instead!

But I am still thinking whether I should just use the 2009 soon just to jot down stuff or I should use 2010 as a real time organiser.

Here's some pictures since some people did ask me for pictures when I say I got the 2010 Starbucks planner already.




Actually I think 2009 planner was more worth it because you only need to buy a certain size of drink from Starbucks and you can buy the planner for RM18 but this year you have to collect stamps instead.

A total of 11 stamps to redeem a planner, one drink per stamps, at least grande size and not subjected to discount only. That means you have to spend like at least approximately of RM100 only you can get the planner.

Might as well pay RM50 just to buy the planner, no?

But I got the stamps regardlessly since I already go there most the time, might as well not pay another RM50 more.

Not so nice this year huh.

Here is the planner for 2009 that I didn't use.

Still new and nice.



I guess I'll just put the 2010 refills into the leather cover to use it in the coming year because leather is more durable compare to the cardboard like cover for 2010 I think.

So I can throw it into ma big leather bag without worrying if I spoil the corner or what. Plus there's a holder for pen so I wouldn't need to go dig for a pen in ma huge bag.

While the 2010 cover, maybe I'll just keep it or use it as a notebook or something later.

Anyway, while browsing deviantART the other day I came across this artist whom I found out is the one who drew those nice illustration on 2009 Starbucks planner!

Just surprise that this artist is on deviantART and more surprise that she is a tattoo artist if I am not mistaken.

The works are so pretty, linked a few here.

This year one has no such pretty illustration if I am not mistaken.

Have yet to flip page by page and I doubt I gonna do that.

Enough of Starbucks, Starbucks and more Starbucks, I have another thing to rant about.

Last Saturday, I actually spent ma less RM6 cash notes on a magazine before I came back home from dropping by to college to hand in an assignment.

I was hungry but... at that time I seriously just know that Cleo Dec issue has came out! Because I bought Seventeen like two days ago, they just published almost the same time.

And then I left only RM1 and I came back to a home that has no food.

RM1 doesn't include coins of course.

And I ended up with instant mee because I was so hunry I can't bear to wait for ma mom to be back home to go out lunch together.

Fran say I am crazy to spend on mag instead of food.

I think it's seriously damn worth it! lol.

Plus something caught ma eyes in this issue!

It has a small booklet brochure of Guess watch and there's a new watch that is so freaking pretty on the first page itself!!


Nice or not!! Say niceeeee wtf!!

One might thought it's an old model because previously there is something similar but guess what, you might not notice in this picture, outter part of the triangle inside the circle is actually transparent!!

It is a new model because it is transparent!!

OMG so loveeeeeee!

You don't believe me, do you?

I show you the black colour one which will be more obvious due to the background.


Can see the transparent?

Eeeeeeeeeeee... I want the white version!!

Guess Watch W10216L1 pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

I checked the price online but all in USD or UK pound so I approximately counted and I think it cost abour RM400 plus to RM500 plus.


So expensive for a watch!

I never buy such expensive watch before plus I seldom wear watch except when I am in KL.


Try wait for promotion or discount.

Pray hard there's gonna be one soon.

Enough. Chill, enough.

Done with all the ranting, what else...


Ma assignments!!!

Study week has officially begins and then it would be exam week and then assessment week.

This semester we have got no exam, that means an extra week.

But those assignments! o.O!

Photography: 7 titles more; 1 photo per title
Desktop Publishing: 1 Mag Ads Re-design, 1 Newsletter; total of 8 pages, 2 pages
Packaging Design: 3 packaging design, 1 portfolio design

I have approximately one week to get all done.

You think I can do it?

Sure if I am superwoman.

And this superwoman sleeps a lot wtf.

And this superwoman is blogging now instead of doing assignments.

Plus this superwoman feels like editing blogskin now.

Or this superwoman should just go to bed now.

Or not.


francine said...

for the watch, wait till it has promotion its either just 20% OR, TOO OLD FASHIONED until its 50% off or something. i think u will not want either way right. wait jusco has promo again so u can have this watch for free! with the help of ur mum, ask her keep shopping at JJ! LOL

alLets' Lexy said...

friend who used to work in guess watch say prolly they might be promotion soon. so prolly i'll just wait for that.

and jusco doesn't give free watch. ma previous guess watch was won in genting. and ma mom doesn't shop. i am the one who shop in JJ, not like you don't know ma mom doesn't shop AT ALL.


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