Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why Me?!

I have got ma BB for quite a while already and I still have yet to get all ma contacts inside.

Must be wondering what the hell that I do with it then.

None other than online when I was walking, eating, driving, bathing and whenever that you can think.

I'ma just kidding.

Anyway, I have just realised that BB doesn't allow contacts transfer using bluetooth from other phone except other model of BB I assume.

So it seems like I can't bluetooth transfer ma contacts from ma SonyE W705 to ma BB. *crai!*

It's been a torture okay!

And I went online to search how to transfer, sure got way one right or else all those people who changed their phone to BB save the contacts one by one again? Siao.

I have more than 300 numbers in ma phone, I'ma not gonna save them one by one!

By the way, Xpax sucks.

Seriously, I never like Celcom and if Digi have decided to got their BB package out earlier, I wouldn't have bought ma BB through Blue Cube.

And now I'ma in risk of ma BB being locked and I can't use Digi with ma BB.

Why can't Digi have their package earlier? Or why can't they at least put some teaser or trailer that they gonna have BB package, too?

Damn hate!!

Also, I can't seems to utilise the push email feature in ma BB.

Don't ask me why because I don't know and if I know I wouldn't be not using it, right.

Maybe it's because of ma company email server? I don't know, really.

Plus all others emails I have is not important, I don't need to get spam email send to ma BB.

Anyway, why that Iam trying to hard to transfer contacts to ma BB is because I wanna use back ma Digi with ma BB instead.

Screw Xpax, I doubt they lock the BB, no?

I mean if it's locked means it wouldn't function if I use ma Digi sim card, no?

Then if so, I think it's not lock.

But I will have to try and also to call Celcom Careline to ask.

If there's no problem, I am sure giler I gonna suscribe Digi internet plan.

But I have one problem now!


From what I got online, they say have to synchronise the BB to Outlook and the other phone to Outlook and so can transfer the contact.

I am not even sure if I understand what is that supposed to mean.

Plus it's taking forever to install the SonyE PC Suite which I don't even know if it's being installed properly or it just hanged there.

At the same time, BB Desktop Manager suddenly decided this is the best time to do update and it's taking forever again.

Forever and forever, it's just not getting done.

Because suddenly ma mom told me we are going out in another 5mins to buy present for ma nephew and that tonight we'll be having dinner together with brother's family and all.

Super short notice wei!!

Somemore tonight I am going out with Nicholas and Benny, I need time to prepare! *faint*

Why that a day I thought that I can use half of it to be a good girl and do ma assignment and suddenly everything just pour down on me like rushing cold water.

And now I got to go and leave all those half-installed, half-update, half-whatever thingy that it's happening in ma lappie and go prepare to go out and get present.


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