Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tipu post.

I'ma so finally blogginggggggg!!

Tipu post. lol

Just got ma assessment done this morning, surprisingly, someone was so early that he booked to be the first one even the day before. Surprise o' surprise.

But it doesn't matter, it just gave me more time to put ma artwork up. *grin*

Buthen I kind of regret I did not plan ma presentation detaily and adds in extra works. Damn.

But overall, it's a good one. Kinda smooth, not much kancheong-ness since it's only the usual lecturers and principal.

Plus photography lecturer aka. principal asked me not to end ma photography along with the semester.

Does that sounds good to you? It definitely does sounds real good to me!

I, maself, think it goes pretty well, very very smooooOoooth.

So it's definitely something good to officially end the semester with.

Just too bad, once again, I am not able to join the Christmas pot luck party held in coll on 22nd Dec this year. I missed last year one and again, I'ma gonna miss it this time.

But it's all good since I'ma not gonna be in Ipoh! Yay!

Anyway, ma dear ass Bell came back to Ipoh last weekend!

Finally I can actually hang out with her. Damn I miss ma dear ass so much.

Just simple window shopping and then sushi.

Ipoh malls sucks.




The next day, we went to K Box along with her boyfy and Vivian.

No picture because it's either one is busy singing while the other is busy eating or I don't know what else.

I was actually editing picture in K Box. lol

Anyway, I am now in Coffee Bean with YewYew.

Finally I'ma meeting her again after so long. So hard to date this girl.

And I have nothing much to say here.

Because I am too lazy to think.

Can I bribe you guys with ma pictures?

I wish.

But here's two.

Super recent me.

Don't ask why the black hearts.

You should know.




O'btw, I love ma curls so much in these pics!

Wish it's like 6 inches longer!

Then it's gonna be mad love! ♥

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