Friday, January 22, 2010

assessment day.

Overdue post. This is when back in almost mid December 2009 when I was having ma Year 2 Sem 1 assessment.

You know how art courses doesn't really have exam but assessment in the end, more like a final presentation for the semester.

That was ma first time in a total of four assessment that I didn't wear heels. lol

Suddenly I just don't see the point of it especially when ma flats already seems good enough. *grin*

While I did not bother to go actually hunt for 'formal' clothes anymore. I doubt they want formal anyway, which designer actually wears formal? That's gonna be real weird.

Nothing much about ma assessment actually, because I forgot to even take a single pictures before I was done and took down everything.

Managed to camwhore with Vivian though. We just don't wanna waste the make up. lol



After assessment, I went to kidnap YewYew out.

Didn't see her for quite some time and that was almost the only day I could see her before running down to KL the next day.

It was a long trip, that's why I die die have to meet her that day.


When I met her, I saw this frigging cute thingy hanging on her bag!

OMG so damn cuteee can die!

And I keep asking her where she bought it, how much, bla bla bla...

and last question, 'Can I bite it?' lol

Just can't help it.

It looks so cute and yet at the same time so yummy.

That's macaron by the way, if you haven't know yet.

She bought it in Singapore and it was quite expensive despite the mini size of it but I found it in KL! Action City at The Gardens! Geez.

But I am still keeping it wrapped coz I am afraid it's gonna turn dirty if I used it.

So now I don't know where it is. Somewhere in the drawer maybe.

Anyway, that day YewYew and I went for lunch.

Freaking hungry, I could swallow a cow, we went to Secret Recipe.

It's been a while for me coz I went there a lot and kinda sick of it already.




Durian cheese!! Highly recommended to YewYew and gladly, she love it! lol

Three dishes, all shared.

Because the macaroni we had, I ordered for extra extra cheese. That means super duper cheesy and can die if have all alone.

I think YewYew was shocked by the amount of cheese, lol. She said no wonder need to be shared instead haha.

After lunch, both dummies were too lazy to walk around so we settled in Coffee Bean but... too full to order anything.

You should know how mean Coffee Bean outlet in Ipoh because they will actually tell it to your face that you have to order if you sit down.

What a way to treat the customer! I don't see Starbucks doing the same thing! Hmph. No wrong of me loving Starbucks so much. Cis.


Managed to force a pictures with YewYew!

I don't understand why is she so camera shy. *sweat face*

We ended up going online and I think I did manage to post a short blog post that day itself.

I know, this post is very pointless but...

I just don't wanna waste all those pictures I have already edited weeks back.

And o'yeah, I forgot later today I'll have to attend ma lecturer's wedding.

I mean later as in half an hour later! lol

And yes, I'ma still sitting here blogging. Gee.

Anyway, I hope to blog more. Seriously.

Hope ma blog mojo not gonna just go away again.

Now, I shall hop to prepare and ciao.

Have a nice day!

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