Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bimbo much?

I don't understand why some human beings are just so shallow.

Some dramas happened last night when I was in Genting, too bad I couldn't online for more. Sorry to say, I love dramas that I create but hell you, don't try provoking me because I don't mind being a drama queen.

By the way, I did not even do anything to begin with, I was just updating ma Twitter and Facebook status quite constantly.

Who the hell says we can't update status all the time? I thought the status there says 'What's on your mind?'

And some human beings just decide they should poke their fingers into ma life. FYI, IT'S MA OWN FACEBOOK PROFILE WTF.

It all began like this, I even screenshot to prove that I did not do anything to provoke anyone to begin with.


Obviously I was just minding ma own business until some human beings decided they should start provoking me with comments.

Hellooooo! Who says I can't complain, so what if I am annoying?

Who ask you to comment? I thought Facebook features exist for a reason. There are hide news feed, block or delete. So why don't you all go do all that rather than putting words in ma face. Again, FYI, it's ma own friggin page, I have ma right to write anything I want, and how constantly I want, too.

Even if I wanna update ma status like, 'I am eating', 'I am shit-ing', 'I am walking', 'I am sleeping', 'I am standing', 'I am sex-ing', still, it is ma right to update ma page.

Who on earth says you can't update your status every single minutes? Who says you can't complain 24/7 in status?

Obviously I was very annoyed by those two peeps in the comments to begin with so I posted this next before the second last comment came in.

I was being general, not pin-pointing anyone. GENERAL.


It's true. What the hell is wrong with them?

I have said enough in ma status. Go screw your own life if you don't like it, don't bother to leave a comment and make me all work out.

And when the second last comment came in, it totally pissed me off.

What the hell is wrong with her?


I practically don't have to blog here because ma status says it all.

She's one hell of a bimbo herself and she dares call me annoying in ma own page!

You see, I do believe in courtesy to begin with. I don't go telling her that she is such a bimbo and annoying brat though she annoyed me hell loads of times already. And yes, the slut word, I'll come to that later.

I also saw some other guy actually asking Mark Zuckerberg to set limit to Facebook update or something. It actually goes almost like this 'Mark Zuckerberg please set a time limit to status update because it seems like some attention freak or bitch is spamming her status. Saw an ant, update. Saw a cockroach, update. Wtf, right?'

Another human beings who can't mind their own business. As said, delete me if you think I am such an attention freak because I am just like that!

I was bitching almost the whole night I was online last night, thanks to all these people.

And thanks to them, too, I was having quite a bit of fun. Bitching is always fun when people starts provoking.

And when I wake up this morning and checked ma Facebook, it seems like someone hasn't got enough of bitching yet.


LOL! 'Brinjal face' what a retort.

And acting like a boyfriend, huh?

First off, I was being general to begin with when TWO people annoyed me in ma comment and when one seems to know how to back off because it's MA LIFE, the other doesn't seems know how to. And then a third person came in, who seems to can't mind his own business either commenting on whatever that I just love to do.

It is ma fault that all these people just poked their fingers to ma life?

I don't understand what's the girl problem because she annoyed the hell outta me hell loads of times. Why slut?

She acts like one.

And she thinks it's not good to call name but know what? She actually calls me bimbo behind ma back. Haha! You think I don't know what you did huh.

Put an innocent face and you think you're real innocent, ma ass.

Where on earth would a girl who has a boyfriend will desperately go find other guys to talk to. Not enough online? Even asked for number so she can called later in the middle of night. Desperate much?

Then she called at 2am, mind you it's 2 friggin am! And she talked all suspicious like 'Where are you? Does your girl know I am calling?' and when the guy said yes, she went all like 'OMG why did you tell her! I don't wanna people to start hating me!'

*rolleyes* I have to.

Which non-slut talks like that anyway?

What the fcuk is she trying to hide if there's nothing? I wonder.

And then she wasn't willing to hang up though she knew the guy's girlfriend is just there. Mind you, at 2 friggin am in the morning, if you wanna disturb, you hell disturb your own freaking boyfriend because other peopple's boyfriend wouldn't appreciate that much. Especially when the girlfriend is there with him!

Also, just because of I knew about these, she calls me a bimbo. Can't find a better retort huh?

How bimbotic much could she be?

And better now, she calls me brinjal face. O'wait, I mean her 'boyfriend' calls me brinjal face.

It seems like the pathetic whining slut either has a damn macho boyfriend or she went whining to the boyfriend that HE decided to use HER Facebook account to leave me a 'warning'.

But know what? It does sound funny. Brinjal face.

Can't find a better retort huh? And so much of not calling names but coming out with brinjal face.

O'wait, she does call me bimbo.

But by the way, which guy on earth talks like the one who left the 'warning' at ma Facebook wall? Gay much?

FYI, to those people who actually talks to the bimbo a lot, they should know that she does talk like that, like the one her 'boyfriend' posted in ma wall.

Because I believe no guys used words like 'oh geez'. lol

And contradicting much, she started saying 'I' and only changed to 'she' at the last two paragraph. Erm... confused point of view huh? lol

She claimed that I am insecure. I wonder who is the insecure one.

Pity ma boyfriend much? I pity hers as well.

No, I mean I pity HER as well.

Why? Because she is so phathetic she has to whine every single night about her boyfriend's not calling and stuff. And she started calling other guys.

I am a control freak? Why? Because she is jealous and she doesn't have any right on her boyfriend at all! Pity her much, really. Even if she wanna control, she can't. All she can do is just sit there every night whining while waiting for her boyfriend to call. If he doesn't, she goes all emo. Awww... so pity.

O'wait, in the 'warning' it seems, why would her boyfriend knows anything about ma relationship? I doubt she tell her boyfriend about it... so what say you? lol

No need to point it out too much huh.

And what a dare to come up with. Dare me to keep that on ma wall? So?

You think if I am dare to do anything then I must? FYI again, it's ma wall, I would delete it if I like to and it has nothing to do with insecurity because I am moving it to ma blog for everyone to read, d'uh.

Btw, if her 'boyfriend thinks 'he' dared me and I will do it then it sounds like her 'boyfriend' gonna do whatever people dare 'him' to, so should I dare 'him' to go screw 'himself' with 'his' own dick? lol. That much be fun huh. But if he doesn't do it then 'his' dick must be damn short eh! Insecurity much? lol

I am so sorry I am sarcastic like that. I don't mean to pull her 'boyfriend' in but... 'he' just have to make appearance don't 'him'?

But seriously, what's with all the caplocks and the part of being hyper of being an Ipoh mali?

A guy do that? *disgusting face* Or issit the bimbo herself? Sound much like it.

And... *dramatic gaps!* I just got threaten!


Ermm...? So? *confused*

Even if 'he' or she wanna do anything, I did not pinpoint anyone to begin with?

I am free to write whatever I want in ma status plus, I didn't write her name out did I? Plus I was being general to begin with.

But she wanna terasa and say I am talking about her than I can't help it either.

So what if like 20 girls come complaining that I am bitching about them while I didn't even say who then I will have to apologise to everyone of them? Smart ass.

Btw, people do say she needs to grow up. Mutual friends.

I am not the only one thinking she should grow up. So much to learn huh.

Better learn everything before starting to bitch about other people, because no matter how much she loves gossip girls, she will never be one.

I thought she would be the almighty dramatic one, but seems like one can't take drama much huh.

Go screw her own life while don't bother disturbing screwing ma own, I repeat.

Have peace doing that, too.

And I ain't bitchy much while I am writing this post.

If I wrote this earlier, it could be as well more entertaining. Too bad I think I disappoint everyone who was waiting for this.

Buthen I really hope to end this here already.

Quite sien with it and thank you for the 'brinjal face' nickname.

Now seems like someone can't stop calling me baby brinjal face omg.

Also, I think it's gonna end here because the girl deleted me from Facebook already.

Gladly she did.

So none of her or her 'boyfriend' gonna read this. But if they do, LOL, isn't that just gonna prove that she loves me so much to not stalk me?

I know I am pleasing maself whatever. lol

Brinjal face :)


DC said...

Why do they add you if they hate you so much? lol

fran said...

oh dear! it seems i hv missed a lot of dramas! gosh. cant wait to go back and bitch around. whoaahaha.
and need not to emphasize too much, she's just simply childish.
talk childish, do childish.
and she's definitely making u famous my dear stella! haha
I bet ur blog traffic confirm shoot up hell lots!! LOL
thanks to her. =)

alLets' Lexy said...

DC, supposedly so-called forum friends. Added, annoyed but I didn't delete. :)

fran, i wonder. i need attention wuahahaha. lol.
but really la, she needs to grow up that's what ppl say.
i ain't saying i am not childish, i feel damn childish putting this whole thing up actually. lol!

chester 체스터™ said...

lols hilarious people! normally i enjoy blasting such people when i'm bored. super lifeless.

alLets' Lexy said...

yay! someone agreed. ^^ haha.

chester 체스터™ said...

hehe yeah just to release it out frm the heart to feel better & something to do when you're bored =) btw, these days kids can really be creative in coming out names like brinjal face. lols!

яіи†akase said...

Siao one -__- .. (comment-less :l)

alLets' Lexy said...

chester, i think so, too. now i has got new nickname. brinjal face LOL!!

rin, really! XDDD

BabyButton said... only i got to update thrs such human. lolx. whts wrong with her?

alLets' Lexy said...

hahaha! you should read all the 3 post by sequence. LOL!!

mad funny at the end.

Anonymous said...

hi thr, sorry i cant let you noe who i m (at least for now) cause i m somehow related to the person whom you meant in the blog.
but don worry, i'm not here to do anything but i support wat you say in a way about the scenario.
so cheers...

threatening stuffs form the bf??? jus leave it on that... that's jus a bullshit cause he will not.

good luck and hav a nice day...

alLets' Lexy said...

haha. i wonder who you meant since i never mention any name. but if you came here through some girl's blog, don't worry, i just don't understand why she kept on admitting she's the one i am bitching about.

i wonder why is she so desperate to admit it.


chris_gaara said...

wow... din noe there's such a human in existence. neway, i apologise for pissin u off. i din intend to. jz plain curious why u r suddenly in genting all of a sudden. well, rili wana c hw this human looks like. btw, i uploaded d pics of my trip. bt sadly din get the pics of the coffee i had in korea.

alLets' Lexy said...

lol. somemore u wanna help her piss me off that day right. but its okie la~ and if u wan, go get to know her lol.

i tot starbucks pic!

Anonymous said...

hello =)

i came from that 'girl' blog, well, i am here to support u anyway, lol, because she did that to me before, she said she had a boyfriend and yet she go influencing someone that woo-ing me telling him that i am slut etc. lol. oh well, i know you never mention who she is but still its kinda obvious, haha, anyway, good luck xD

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