Friday, January 29, 2010

The Bimbo Sequel.

This is almost like a sequel to previous post I made.

It's funny how I found out that the bimbo read ma blog and read the previous blog post. I wonder why is she stalking ma blog if she wanted to delete me as a friend in Facebook so much. Obsessed much?

Or she might just be too damn happy that someone is actually blogging about her. Just maybe.

Btw it's true that she read ma blog. LOL!

It's already funny just to think about it. Why is she reading ma blog? lol.

Buthen it's also funny how she dare to actually call people from my side to whine. Yes, she whined. How annoying, I wouldn't know. lol

Also, I wanted to really have everyone take note that my freaking relationship has nothing to do with anyone out there on earth. I don't know why is she so concerned about ma relationship that she is practically obsessed now. Delete me ain't enough and still obsessed, she called the guy instead.

And then she went all fake and concerned. Concern ma ass because it has nothing to do with her at all.

And yet she dare to say that I am lonely and insecure that is why I am creating all the dramas.


If I were so lonely and insecure, I would go create dramas with all the guys I know instead of with her. Because seriously, I don't see a point of creating dramas about her if I were to be so lonely and insecure.

If I were to create dramas with guys instead, wouldn't it make more sense?

Not making sense much, yes. She just wanna make it seems like o' she is so blissful with her relationship.

If anybody knows her, they would know how she played with all the guys she used to be with and also how she got played. Funny. Is that karma or she is just plain bimbotic.

Btw, I got ma sources and those are all the truth.

She used guys, she played with them and then she left. But at the same time, she got played by guys, being heartbroken, all emo and pathetic the she was left. lol

What a ritual but good for her.

But also, she is the one who started poking HER fingers into ma life.

Like I am so obsessed with her wanna create drama of her.

She is the one who started provoking me. Prolly she just needs all this attention. But too bad, I ain't telling anyone who she really is.

And she keep trying to convinced that the wall post that she post in ma Facebook was written by her 'boyfriend' really. I mean really her 'BOYFRIEND'.

I wonder what is she trying to prove. lol

And nah, I doubt anyone gonna believe that anyway.

Until now, nobody does.

O'yeah, she was even childish enough to actually say she was gonna find where I stay and ma address and come 'whoop' ma ass.

If I ain't mistaken, 'whoop' was really the exact word that she used. LOL!

What? Is she 5?

Whoop? lol.

Plus is she really gonna come find me and 'whoop' ma ass? lol.

Saying that is already funny enough. I wonder what the hell is she thinking.

She said I am too much.

What about too much?

Because I had too much of her bullshit before I explode.

And that also because she decided she should come provoke me on ma own friggin page.

I don't let people say whatever they want on ma page, if they want go say whatever they want on their page instead.

But too bad, she chose the wrong page to mess with.

She even dare to say that she doesn't mind dropping the whole matter, if I were to apologise.

HELLO!! Who the hell is the one who is supposed to apologise.

She is the one who went to ma page and make all sort of nonsense to provoke me and now she said I should apologise?

She should go back to primary school and start studying her moral.

By the way, why would I wanna apologise?

She annoys me and I just write about a certain bimbo in ma blog.

Why she wanna come here and start yelling to the whole world that the bimbo is her? lol.

Perasan much eh? Ma friend said 'siapa makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas'.

It's not like I freaking write her name big big anyway.

I have said, there are countless of bimbos on earth, why would she just wanna come here and start admiting it to the whole world?

Tell me she doesn't want attention.

That would be one hell of a joke.

Seriously, I don't understand what is she trying to prove.

The more she tries, the more entertained I feel. lol

It's really funny when I found out she actually came to read ma blog somemore.

Like *in a bimbotic tone of voice* 'omg I don't freaking care about you anymore, don't you think you can do whatever you want, you brinjal face!' and then she decided to care and she came to ma blog.


But no matter how entertaining it is, this bimbo joke is getting old.

It's not gonna be funny anymore if there is more to come.

That would downright piss me off if that really happens.

I really don't understand why would such person exist.

I wonder what she is going to do next.

Btw peeps, you see, I never say who is the bimbo.

She just wanna admit it.

Why would anyone be so desperate to be called bimbo?

Butv nonetheless, I hope everyone enjoy yourself with this.

It's not all the time we met one like this.

Brinjal face


chester 체스터™ said...

so things are getting sien already, this kind of person cannot play one =S

btw,send her a psychologist contact number. be kind =)

alLets' Lexy said...

its funny how she reacted when she actually came to read ma blog la. i never really tot she would come, if for me sure i wouldn't layan but she wanna come read. damn wtf.

buthen bimbo joke does get sien ma. so i also sien ady. =(

i dun have psychologist number la. i not psycho also. =P

chester 체스터™ said...

lol i think she'll go crazy soon if ya continue blogging bout her.

alLets' Lexy said...

dunwan already. =( she got too much attention from me. i should focus on maself already. lol ^^

chester 체스터™ said...

agree. spoils the reputation of blog.

alLets' Lexy said...

so now want fast fast blog something else and push that bimbo post down. =) stay tune. haha.

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