Monday, January 25, 2010

Children are supposed to be precious.

I just got back from the hospital.

No, it wasn't me who was feeling unwell, it was ma nephew.

Why was I there in the first place? Because I was needed but that wasn't the point that I decided to rant here.

At around 11pm plus, ma mom just called me telling me to go the hospital with ma Dad to meet up with ma brother, sis-in-law and ma nephew because they thought ma nephew got infected with dengue.

So they thought admission would be necessary and dengue is no jokoe especially to a kid as young as 7 years old. So we got there, waited and then went to the emergency unit.

I am not here to talk about the experience of rushing to the emergency unit at almost midnight but what I wanna say is how bad I feel the whole hour I was there.

Ma nephew was covered with rashes, it doesn't look like dengue to me but he was really almost all covered with rashes. It was all red and I bet it must be damn itchy and uncomfortable. And also the fact that he was having slight fever though not high one.

But what happened when they reached was, ma nephew got down from the car himself. He was so tiny! But none bothers to actually pick him up but let him do the walking himself. I am not saying it's a must but really, if you were there and you saw that, it was just damn heartbreaking.

Then we need to register him and so I ask ma brother ma nephew's name, I.C no., date of birth and such but guess what? He only know how to fill in the name column. I.C no. none, not even date of birth! I was started to feel really bad from there.

Who on earth as parents doesn't know their own child's date of birth or whatsoever? And going to the hospital, they don't bother to bring the birth cert along? What kind of parents are those? Do they not care?

I am not condeming ma own brother or what but that feeling of sadness when you were there looking at how everything happened, I don't know if I was the only one who is feeling it. Really.

Even I am not close to them nor to ma nephew, I still feeling like cuddling him looking at how he is so weak and uncomfy. Won't a kid that yound need that especially when he is sick?

But I don't see neither of the parents bother to do so. Sigh. I wonder where is the love, where is the care of parents supposed to have. No affection at all? I wonder.

And what makes me feel worse was that when I know ma nephew has had fever since Friday and only today they bother to bring him to the doctor. When asked if he was having fever on and off, I was given a don't know as an answer. What the fcuk is don't know supposed to mean!

Why do they act like they don't care and they were not bothered by the fact that their own child, their own flesh and blood is damn sick? Its their own child, isn't he supposed to be the precious one for them? Aren't they supposed to be worried sick to see their own child in such condition?

Seriously, I think I have more of a human heart than them though I do not like kids to begin with. I just don't understand why would anyone bother to bring a child to see the world and treat them like they don't matter?

I wonder how would the child feel himself. I don't know if he sees the thing that I saw but I really don't know whether he should or should not. If he does, he must be really heartbroken but if he doesn't, then he might just treat his own child that way in the future.

I thought all parents should love their own children like they are the most precious thing on earth. But I don't see that tonight. It's just like the child is just a kid, nothing else. How saddening is the whole thing.

Probably I am not the one to judge. Maybe they are just the type who doesn't show affection towards their children. Just maybe.

But what I learnt is that I am a very lucky one. I have parents who loves me so much, who doesn't mind showing their very love to me at home or even in public. I shall never take them for granted.

Or maybe I am just too spoilt to go around judging other people like that. But really, I am really upset to see what I had just now in the hospital. Not exaggerating any part, I really do feel like tearing. How sad could it be.

It really breaks ma heart. And that is one of the reason that I swear I will never ever have kids.

If I know that I can never treat ma children with all I have no matter it's love or care, I swear I will never ever have one.

Why would anyone bring an innocent child to the world but not to feel love.

Children are supposed to be precious.


kenwooi said...

yeah you are right..
they should be well taken care of..
hope your nephew get well soon =)

alLets' Lexy said...

he got admitted to the hospital today.
i wonder what's wrong, gonna visit him soon.
and thanks. =) really hopes all parents know how to treasure their own children to begin with. =)

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