Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I think I should at least say a Hello to everyone since I've gone missing for almost a month. lol

Hello all readers, good day? *grin*

I'ma finally back! For now.

Sorry been missing since 16th Dec 2009 because I ran away to KL for more than two weeks and when I came back, classes resumed.

Good news first, result for previous semester was okay though not exactly perfect considering how I have been rushing over ma assignments and stuff.

Also, only three days of classes per week this semester!! Woohoo! Damn good news but has its bad side, too. Four days without classes and I would be too lazy most of the time. *crai*

Other than that, nothing much other than I got sick, still sick and whatever else happened that I didn't blog about it, I don't think I remember much now.

Except those that I took some pictures of, probably I could still blog about it if I were to blog to begin with. *geez*

O'yeah! Another thing, I am blogging in Genting Starbucks again!

Specifically, Highlands Hotel Starbucks outlet.

Geez. Some people is jealous that I can go on holiday on weekday, Tuesday, work day, school day, coll day, whatever you call it, just not supposedly holiday. *grin*

But on the down side, it's not nice when I'ma sick with sorethroat though ma throat is not exactly sore but you get the point and flu or maybe not flu but ma nose is stuffed or whatever you call it. Not nice! With a tint of cough, too. *frown*

And also the fact that I have to do ma assignment though I am supposedly to be on holiday as what most people say. But really! This is definitely not a holiday.

And I can't even buy any clothes when I went shopping earlier. Bummer.

I'ma gonna die this Sunday as I still have no clothes to wear to attend VIMA 2010 Award. *died*

But anyway, this week is another week of travelling here and there.

Since I'ma here in Genting now, heading back tomorrow, I'ma leaving on Thursday to KL again.

And bad news, the previous landlady that I rent a room with just tell me that she can't rent me the room anymore as there are students coming in to see the room. *crai*

So I'll have to go stay at ma cousin's place in Subang which is not that convenient when it comes to public transport I supposed.

Plus it's her brother's room so if the brother is going to be in KL, again, I'ma gonna be homeless.

*big big sigh*

Is it possible for me to have a place where I can stay whenever I have to go KL but doesn't require me to pay per month?

Sounds like a dream. I know.

Anyway, I think I better stop here coz I know I won't finish if I continue to write as I have like so much to crap, it won't be done ever.

Feed you guys with two super fresh Starbucks coffee pictures taken just an hour ago!



Will be back when I am back, again. lol


Isabellmiao said...

u tipu post again...

alLets' Lexy said...

did i? lol.

i did not. i insist, i did not. ^^

fran said...

walao. im sooo glad tat u update. its like i dunno ur life now la, can blog more often or not. yish.

alLets' Lexy said...

i try i try~ lol. its not tat i dunwan to ma. sometimes i haven't do all important stuff then i blog i guilty. :(

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