Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY Chor 1 Meet Up!

First day of CNY also Valentine's day, we have a meet up!

And that dearest ass of mine, Bell was trying to ffk me to begin with just because it's Valentine's day. Cis.

But at least she ended up joining us with her boyfriend. *grin*

Meet up. Meet who up?

Of course the o' so famous Simonso. lol

Not teasing, really.

But I think I have been pestering for quite a bit for meet up. And it's like once a year he come to Ipoh, we managed to meet up this time. Like so keen, so finally!


We were supposed to meet at PappaRich when Simonso and her sister reached earlier, saw some colourful building as he exclaimed and they went there instead.

They said PappaRich is boring and they found Hoegaarden at the Oval de Garden.

As an Ipoh mali, I damn paiseh coz I didn't know where is that place until Simonso asked me to just come to the colourful part of the building.


What a good guide, right.

I didn't expect to go drinking and so I dressed like damn cincai.

I almost thought I didn't wanna make up but I just knew there gonna be some camwhore session so I did. A simple one, a very unflattering one.

I regretted. I look mad ugly! Sigh.

Anyway, Bell came later to join us with the boyfriend.

And she bought me rose!!! ♥

As I wish!

Mad love her! ♥


And that night was when I started to love Hoegaarden.

I know I'ma slow but it's not ma fault when those Hoegaarden I had previously were bad!

Like real bad, bad. No nice at all, that's why until then I never understand why Bell love Hoegaarden that much.

Now I know why.

And I so want Hoegaarden, can? ♥


O'yeah! I have to writeeeeee this!

Simonso was with his sister, Sandra So and she is like so omg pretttyyyyyy and cuteeee!

Super friendly and niceeee~ Mad love her! lol

Hope she's not scared of me. Teehee~

Look at the picture below, she's damn cuteee there posing! lol


That night was so packed. Due to first day of CNY and everyone not from Ipoh back to Ipoh.

Is like suddenly the whole world is in Ipoh.

Mad pack plus the weather is insanely hot!

Everyone was sweating like nobody business.

Then when we decided to order third round of Hoegaarden, nothing came.

When we asked again and again, we were told Hoegaarden has finished.

No more.


Like how is that even possible?

Is not like everyone else are having Hoegaarden or they just didn't have enough stock to begin with.

Funny thing is, Sandra actually called the Hoegaarden supplier and the supplier said if we are okay with waiting, he can send a whole truck of Hoegaarden to Ipoh by two hours time.

LOL. Damn privilege.

We rounded up quite early, right after midnight and all went home.

It was a great night, with great companions and of course great beer. lol

I am so wishing for more of this night to comeeeeee.

And after all nice meeting Simonso and Sandra!

Also thanks to Simonso for all the pictures!

He has got speedlight so I didn't bother using ma own DSLR. lol


kenwooi said...

nice.. i've never met any bloggers out there before.. =)

Nikel Khor said...

is fun fun beer party...

from Nikel Khor

alLets' Lexy said...

kenwooi, start meeting some~ they are mostly friendly and nice~ ^^

nikel, kindaa haha! XD

fran said...

where is this place? o.O

alLets' Lexy said...

oval at de garden. the same building as papparich.

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