Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY Eve Lunch & Midnight

Blogged about CNY Chor 1 and Chor 2 already, let's rewind back to CNY Eve instead.

CNY Eve is always about reunion so I had two reunion meals on that day itself.

Was in the market early morning to help mom out.

It was good business that day, 11am and we can tapau and go home.

Then we waited for ma foster uncle to arrive from KL for reunion lunch with the foster family.

This year quite few people because ma foster aunt and her two daughters has imigrated to Canada and did not come back for CNY instead.

While ma other foster uncle and aunt were still in Johor and only came back on Chor 2.

So we have the few and plus ma foster granny's sister and ma foster uncle's nephew.

Lunch was at one of the so-called big shot restaurant in Ipoh. Pusing Mun Chung Restaurant or something like that.

Cny reunion dinner of course have to begin with YeeShang!

Definitely can't miss this out.



Everyone was actually keep on repeating the action for me to take the picture. LOL

Ma foster uncle in the middle kept on asking if I were done taking pictures.

I just wasn't good when taking photo with flash plus it's the ciplak flash attached to the camera itself.

It came out too bright and blue-ish but I can't actually ask everyone to wait for me too long, so I just have to accept it.

Then we started munching on the YeeShang.

Everyone loves YeeShang!

I don't get it why some people doesn't like YeeShang. It's like almost impossible.

And that's what we left of.

I think someone sapu-ed it in the end. lol


Food was normal.

Okay la for CNY meal as all meals in restaurants would be a rush with tons of human being appearing outta no where.

Not exactly what I would be drooling for.






But at least I had ma roast piglet.

I damn love roast piglet nom nom nom.

And the last dish of glutinous rice or something was awesome.

Like almost the only awesome one.

After lunch we went back and waited for reunion dinner instead.

Or more like reunion steamboat at ma grandma's house.

We had steamboat every year since it was too much trouble cooking for four families and it stucked until now.

Some cousins ciao out to celebrate while I went to the temple with ma parents at almost midnight.

Praying as to invite the God of Prosperity.

We never know there were so many people at the temple at such date but now we do, we went and surprisingly I paid ma visit, too.

That's weird, I know. I felt weird, too, when I was doing it.

Took some pictures while at it.


Firecrackers are already gone by the time we reached.

Or else I would have managed to at least catch a few shot hopefully.

Then ma parents acting yeng. lol

With ma maid.

Gangster style! LOL




Ma try on car backlight on the street.

No tripod, solely on bare hands.

Shake like nobody business.


It wasn't that nice plus I can't get it like super clear.

That's the clearest I could managed with ma bare hands, no tripod.

Plus there were very little car on the street.

Anyway, went back home then and saw this right above ma house gate.


The insect that appears every single CNY and it's getting lesser and lesser as year goes by.

I was always afraid of it when I was a kid and there were such big amount last time during the festive season, now I only see one or two around.

I wonder where they went. Why so little left?

I learnt to love it as it indicates the arrival of CNY.

I feel CNY more when I see this little fella.

I also learnt to catch it when I was in NS almost 5 years back.

There were a huge load in ma camp, I miss those time.

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