Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Vday! ♥

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥


Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!

Ignore the fact that the picture only relates more to Vday instead of CNY because I can't find any suitable pictures and also because I am running outta time.

Need to sleep!

But first of I would like to wish everyone of ma friends and family and everyone else who read ma blogs Happy Valentine's Day and Gong Xi Gong Xi!

And mind you, not only couple can celebrate Vday but everyone could because it's a day when we should show all the people we love them! Muah! ♥

Wishing everyone to have a super 'RawR'-ing tiger year and super blastful awesome-ness overdose year ahead!

Make it a great year yourself and don't forget to bring the God of Prosperity aka. 'cai shen' back to your house.

I am sure ma 'cai shen' is with me already now as I went to the temple just now at midnight to 'invite' the 'cai shen'.

I got burnt by the joss sticks so many times that I better make sure it's worth it that I have got ma 'cai shen' already.

And I wanna be generous so I'ma gonna bring 'cai shen' over to granny house tomorrow to spread to everyone else!


Sound like overly CNY semangat already. Overdosing.

But don't forget to celebrate Vday, too!

Spread loveeeeeeee! ♥

And tell those you love that you loveeee them! Muah! ♥

It's double celebration, double the happiness!

Especially to those who has their bufday around the corner or so, it's triple the celebration, triple the happiness!

So have a blast everyoneeee and pump up the Gong Xi Gong Xi spirit!

Get moreee angpauu!

Though I'ma wishing to get roses instead.


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