Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Chap Goh Mei. ^^

Ohai! For a very the lame starting, today is Chor 15.
The very last day of Chinese New Year.
And also the Chinese Valentine's Day.

Well, the custom is that unmarried women will throw mandarin oranges into the river to find their future husband. And surprisingly, this "lame" custom originated not from China nor Hong Kong.
It's originated from Penang, Malaysia. O.o
Well, that's what the Wikipedia say. LOL.

But don't trust the internet so much anyways.
Full of scams. HAHA!

Well, back to my original topic.
Stella came up with this BRILLIANT idea of "throwing" mandarin oranges on each other's blog and since I haven't been updating because of my assignments, I shall accommodate her.

Oh anyways, I'm obviously Isabell from and I believe I'm not the first time guest blogging here. ^^
Those who are here often will definitely know who I am. ^^

And my main point here is to THROW MANDARIN ORANGES AT YOU!!! Bwahahaha!
Below is my mandarin orange with my name, MSN add and blog because I don't want weird ppl starting to add me in Facebook. ^^

P/s: Do say that you picked up my mandarin orange if you're going to add me in MSN. And behold, I never give my MSN add to strangers so this is special case. ^^

Grab the chance!!! ^^

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