Thursday, February 4, 2010

I want Jogoya.

First off, photos in this post are, again, watermark-ed for where I have to write food reviews. Though there are not much picture, but I am too lazy to re-watermark again for ma blog.

Buthen, those watermarks still represent me, no?

aleXandra = Stella = Lexy = alLets = mua ♥

So this is a month plus ago, when I went to KL in Dec, ma first meal was a frigginlicious yummy Japanese buffet.

It's Jogoyaaaaa!! *drool*

We went there thinking that there was the promotion going on where the first one cost RM90 plus while the next one just cost about RM10. If so, it would be only about RM50 per person.

But we never knew that day was some sort of public holiday eve.

Don't know whoever bigshot's birthday the next day and hence, we did not get the promotion price.

Original price, damn heart pain, can?

Since we were already there, heart pain till die also we decided to just go for it.

But definitely no regrets!!!


I never knew it was located in Starhill Gallery right opposite Pavilion.

Used to always passed by there but never knew the o'so famous Jogoya is in there. Geez.

Damn 38 one.

Went in and since it was ma first time, I was amazed.

But now Jogoya virgin no more. lol

It was so huge, I was staring.

Yeah la, 38 38, what to do. Ipoh don't have such thing one.

We started with a mini tour and hit it off with Japanese food.

I saw oyster... I don't really eat oyster but always wanted to try.

Tried and unlucky me, it wasn't that fresh that day.

Some taste that I can't really take and nearly gag. *frown*


After a while only another batch of oysters is being served and... those are mad huge!

When I say mad huge, it's just not normal huge but really mad hugee!!

Imagine the oyster itself is bigger than ma palm not counting the shell part.


Including the shell, I don't know, maybe almost two of ma palms?

Vivian got one of those, but I don't dare to try anymore after the first experience.

What if it has those kind of weird taste again? *gag*

So I missed out on that.


And then I sticked to mostly Japanese food which is not exactly lots of variety but sashimi is enough to feed me satisfy.

Had quite lots of sashimi and was trying to hunt for other type of food.







There's really quite a lot of other type of food like dimsum, chinese food, pasta, and I forgot what else but nothing appeal to me much so I practically stick to mostly Japanese food the whole time.

Only managed to get some turkey meat and steak at almost the end.

I was stuffed.


And just a little bit of dessert.

But I was quite disappointed with the dessert.

I don't really like their cakes and... mostly served are mochi. *frown*

I was actually hoping for a lot of different types of desserts and all since I have sweet tooth but... yeah, I don't see any of those I was hoping for.


Only they have Haagen dasz ice-cream, 'free-flow' but too bad I only have two scoopes if I ain't mistaken.

I was a tad overly full at that time because no one else would finish the steak and turkey so I stuff maself with it trying not to waste.

Ended up, I can't have as much ice-cream as I can even though I mad love Haagen dasz a lot. *frown*

Now, I super miss Jogoya a lot!!!

I wanna go again and stuff maself with all the food I loveeeee!

Not gonna help anyone finish anything, ish.

Damn, I got hungry writing this wtf.


9 comments: said...

Has the promotion end? really great deal if not.... drooling!
nanged you. nang this to meet the Tiger Lady of 2010!

Richard Ling said...

how much per person??

alLets' Lexy said...

lol. i guess so but i think feb has another promotion. =)
go check it out.

alLets' Lexy said...

normal price would be rm90plus.
btw, it's lunch. dinner i ain't sure.

for more info, you may visit
for more info and discussion. :)

vivi-angel said...

meow, early in the morning reading ur blog post and damn I feel hungry too!

wtf and why i feel hungry! T________T
I miss it much too...

kenwooi said...

nice shots of the food! =)

alLets' Lexy said...

thanks kenwooi. =)

your blather said...

dang!! you made me hungry :(
i'm still Jogoya virgin so let's go again!!!

alLets' Lexy said...

lol. i asked you to see camwhore pic, not food pic. =P
let's go jogoya! when?~ teehee.

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