Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gemini 2010

It's already February now, so fast time has been passing.

Buthen it's not like I have been static much, I just miss KL, that's all.

I have been in Ipoh, KL and even Genting twice in January yet... still feel so static. lol

Anyway, Jan issue of Cleo has this Horoscope 2010 overview thingy which I damn love the Gemini part because it just seems so awesome!

Like 2010 is gonna be a frigginliciousawesomely year! ♥ *huge grin*

So of course such an awesome read I wanna share it here.

Though I don't know if all of you guys have already read it but take note Gemini babies out there! It's gonna be an awesomely year! ♥ ♥

MAY 21 to JUNE 20
Strengths: Outgoing; versatile; affectionate
Weaknesses: Fickle in love, nervous, indecisive
Compatible signs: Libra, Aquarius
Famous Gemini: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum

Bet most Gemini-ans know all these already.

Now you guys understand why I love ma Aquarian dear ass Bell so much! lol.


Things are never boring when you're around a Gemini. with your fun personality and flexible ways, you are always invited to be the start of the party! Your twin personality is charming to many - some days you are fun and flirtatious, others you are grounded and reflective. But this can confuse your sweetheart, as he tried to figure out which role you are playing every day. Spare him the confusion - just be outright, honest and practical with him. Just remember, some days you can be double the fun but others, you could be double the trouble!


When your boss hands you that important project, say yes immediately as this is your chance to shine! 2010 is all about showing your leadership skills, your creativity, your drive for success and your hardcore determination. 2010 is also a good year to start out on new ventures, especially with people you trust. Also, remember to share the spotlight with your teammates. Working closely with them may just yield the result you've been after.

Career seems so good, I wish this is all gonna be true!

Say yes yes yes when given a chance. YES!! *raise hand high up*

But too bad so far, I have no choice but to miss out on some chances given. Sigh.

Hope it goes better as the year goes by.

LOVE 2010

There could be relationship problems in the first quarter of the year, dealing with issues such as trust, inflexibility and close-mindedness. Not expressing what you are feeling could also lead to strains so make sure you deliver your message clearly. Mending strained existing relationships is top priority for 2010. Also, if you are planning to marry that long-time beau, this is the year to do it! In February, make sure you go out and meet new people. Join a club or go to a singles party - you never know who you are going to meet.

Okayyy. I am not getting marry, no way.

So no worry about that. Just love the last part, meeting new people! ♥

Love meeting new people no matter what's the reason. It gives me inspiration so much. Especially great people.


Family relationships are a little strained in July. Hold back your thoughts before telling someone what you really think. You don't want to be confronted for an explanation later one.

Ermm... not so good for family?

Doesn't sound like a biggie, so chill.


There seems to be so much to do in 2010, especially at work, but will you have the energy to do so? Make sure you pace yourself or you will suffer a burnout! In April and May, watch out for stressful situations that will cause you to erupt in violent anger. By September , things will cool down so you have the time to take care of yourself.

Good or not good?

No major health problem. I think that's fine.


March 9
Has a certain male friend been sending you mixed messages? Wait until today to explore the possilibites.

August 20
A family issue that has been left unresolved earlier this year will resurface. Time to work at the solution, once and for all.

November 18
Venus has plans for you this month so you have no choice but to embrace all that attention you'll be getting from the opposite sex, especially today when things heat up.

Muahahahaha attention at the last part!

But I don't like heaty things la. lol

Plus, for Aquarians, mark Nov 18, too.

Makes me feel like dating Bell and we together shall see what's gonna happen to us on that day. lol

Now I sound so superstitious but whatever, horoscope is just for fun anyway.

Okay, I don't know why I was so hyped up about this but now that I copied it out, it doesn't seems that frigginliciousawesomely year anymore but hell! I'ma gonna make sure I have an awesome year hmph!

2010 pleaseee be niceee and pretty.

Mwah. ♥

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