Friday, February 5, 2010

Lookbook. ♥

Primarni Jacket, Asos Shirt, Zara Jeans, Missguided   Shoes

Vintage Joy Division Tee, Faux  Leather Jacket from Forever 21,  Makers of True Originals Denim from  Indie Industries, Leopard Scarf  from Ebay

Concept Club DIY Studded Leather  Jacket

Lindex Tank  Top with Chains, Dinsko Wedges,  H&M Black Jacket

White Beret from Gina Tricot, Cat Earrings  from Gift from a Friend, Fishbone Black Short-sleeved Bolero, Pearl  Necklaces from Grandma's Attic

Lookbook again.

So mad prettttyyy. ♥ Damn jealous.

If noticed, lately I mad love jacket clothing but too bad it's Malaysia; it's freaking hot and it's impossible for me to wear stuff like that.

I'ma gonna melt wtf.

I can only do that when I go Genting which wouldn't be much anymore.


But looking at those make me so... jealous.

lol. What to do, so mad chio. *stare*

Look at those jackets, those shoooeeessss, heeels and whatever else not in the pictures aboveeeee. *drool*

OMG mad pretttyy can dieee. ♥

Anyway, there is this crazily hyper guy who blogged about me, Chester.

I did not ask for it, he just said he has nothing to blog and he decided to blog about me. lol

Got to know him when I wrote The Bimbo posts, I wonder why he said I am easy to get along and I ain't 'lanc' or 'action' because I used to be called those a lot.

Like really a lot, people say I look bitchy.

Plus I was bitching like it's the bitching season when he actually came across ma blog, he likes bitch eh. lol

Anyway, I did not expect him to really do that when he said he gonna blog about me.

I thought he was joking! But I don't mind the extra traffic lol.

But I decided to return him a favor, and some traffic; if there's actually people who read ma blog. lol

Still, I wanna thank him.

Thank you Chester, you child molester! LOL!

Inside joke if you don't understand. Of course I doubt he molest child for real, even if he is a molester, I bet he is an adult molester, what's so fun about molesting children.

That's all but before I end this, I need to clarify one thing.

What he said as HAWT in his blog post is definitely NOT HAWT.

So don't be pissed off when you found out the truth lol.

Good night.

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