Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mad ♥ & Cute yet FML

Am looking for new purse, finally found and bought one! ♥

Most I saw before this are either too feminine as in almost aunty like or... just ain't nice.

And these I always thought are cluthes or hand-carry until Bell told me otherwise. Though I'ma still in doubt that the one I got is really meant to be a purse to begin with. lol

From Nose and it's studded!

I think it's like the first thing I have studded or I just can't remember what else I have that is studded.

I loveeeee studs so muchhhh! ♥

But never found anything suitable for maself.

Ain't this niceeeeeee?



I was so happy that I finally got studded one and then only I realised when I was trying to put everything from ma old purse to the new one, it doesn't fit everything.


That means it doesn't have enough space for me to fit everything, I was hoping for a bigger purse actually.

Studded, mad love but no enough space. *cry!*

Plus it's quite expensive IMO!

Like RM65 plus even after 10% discount. Rawr!

I'll just use it till I find a new one.

A bigger one, a even more mad loveeeee one. *pray hard*

On the same day, I bought a pair of new sandals, too.

Guess what? Studded as well!! ♥

But sandals are hard to take photos of, I gave up before I start trying. lol

But it's nice... until I paid and then only I saw another nice one.

Damn wtf. FML really.

On another note, Fran finally hepl me bought those candy I wanted from Singapore!

It's stick candy, traditional handmade one and I paid her RM40 for just two cans. *tear*

Mad expensiveeee!!

But so cuteeeee! ♥


Actually Fran bought three cans since Bell wanted one as well but Bell got hers as a gift since her bufday is in Feb. No fair. *sad*

I paid. Friggin RM40.

Anyway, these candy cans has got themes!

Three different themes so Bell took the 'Happy Birthday' theme, while I had the 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' and 'Merry Xmas' theme.



Got faux tiger and Santa face somemore! lol

And theme greetings on others.

Buthen the faces are like cacat-ed LOL.


I was so excited to actually open the can and try it.

Imagine that it would be so yummyyyyyy and then when I did today...

I got disappointed.

Not nice one!!

Plus if I did not remember wrongly, it's totally different from the one Fran brought back to Ipoh last year!

Taste totally different and now to think about it, I think they look different, too.

Fran's one used to be even more mad cute than this. FML. Again.

I feel like I kena cheat lor wtf.

But have to thank Fran and her boyfriend to purposely help us go buy and brought it back to Malaysia.


But FML I paid RM40 wtf.


kenwooi said...

the purse can be used to whack people.. =P

Mynt said...

Haha, I saw the link on your fb then I came over and saw the pictures of sticky candies here. Cute <3

Your friends bought it from S'pore but they actually have a branch (shop) in 1U that sells with different candy jars to choose from. They even have an open kitchen for you to see how they're made and you can test those candies before you buy.

It's only around RM20 per jar, I think. Maybe you can go there and buy them next time ^^

alLets' Lexy said...

kenwooi, cannot la! it's not even thick enuf. =P

mynt mynt! XD the sticky candies is cute but not nice onee. =( nvm, maybe next time i go check out the branch in 1u then i can try all before i buy. =P

and yep, i paid ma friend rm20 per jar, too. T___T

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