Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miss ma Girls ♥

Long ago outing when now everyone are already back to where they belong.

Only me, still stuck in this place where I don't belong.


Suddenly sound like an emo post with that to begin.

Anyway, what I meant is that Fran is back to Singapore already, SueAnn back to Sarawak and Bell back to PJ.

Whil I'ma still stuck in this place call Ipoh which I seriously think never belong here to begin with. Geez.

Enough of where to belong.

The other day right before CNY, we managed to have an outing.

The girls, four of us. ♥

Seriously it's been a long time since we managed to gather all four together.

It was always only two. Which was either me and Bell or me and Fran while SueAnn was always in Sarawak.

So finally we get the chance to actually gather like this after... two years I think.

Met up in Jusco for lunch at Sushi King.

Gossip and bitching session.

Best ever and we were super loud. ♥


It was impossible to not be loud especially when SueAnn was there.

Put all four together, you might wanna start calling to Tanjung Rambutan.

But fortunately we went for Karaoke session, so we could be as loud as we want to.

With privacy.






Sing sing sing, online, bitch, sing, jump around, camwhore, bla bla bla.

You get the drift.

And surprisingly, KBox has got four mic for us this time.

Just enough for four of us without having to fight for the mic and plus point, wireless!

With all that we need, we even had a Lady GaGa imitation session.

We had all the songs of Lady GaGa that is in the list and we sang every single one of those. lol

It was fun. Seriously.

Crazily fun. ♥

After having enough of jumping around screaming lyrics, we just have to camwhore before we leave.

It's hard to have all four together, we decided to take lots and lots of pictures.


This picture looks so wrong.

Bell look naked. LOL!

And don't ask what I'ma doing, I don't know.




Bell always has the best expressions!!

Love her expressions lol. ♥

Ciao after that.

Last more camwhore in the ladies.



And then we went back home.

Or not.

I think we went to Secret Recipe to continue to talk.

We did not have enough time to talk!

And we talked all the way in the car while I was sending everyone home.

And yet, we still couldn't finish talking.


I miss ma girls already. ♥

I miss all being together.

So much to talk about, so much to bitch of.


fran said...

meow! so true. i still feel we did not have enough talking that day... =X

alLets' Lexy said...

lol. our talk can never finishhhh onee. XD

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