Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The stupidity of a bimbo; Threequel

I should stop, I really wanted to stop but...

I can't help this. This is ridiculously funny!!


No joke.

The bimbo called the guy again. Whining.

I wonder.

And then... due to some situation, she called again the second time on the same day and... guess what? The guy's mom picked up and start saying 'Lexy, bla bla bla...'



And the bimbo went like 'No, I am not Lexy. I am his friend.'

Smart move? I guess so.

And his mom started asking the bimbo who is she and started scolding the bimbo asking her why she keep calling her son. lol

And the bimbo actually told his mom that recently she was having some problem with the guy's girlfriend yadda yadda bla bla bla.

Funny part is? The bimbo just don't get it when the aunty was scolding her, does she?

So his mom scolded her and asked why would she call the guy when she is having problem with the girlfriend?

'You think he will be neutral? He will never be neutral, he is always one sided and obviously he sided Lexy. He hate those people who talk bad things about her.' Bla bla bla... whatever else not.

And when the phone was passed back to the guy, she actually asked the guy is it true that he is siding me.

D'uh? Anyone?


And eventually the guy say yes and said he despise her.

Guess what she replied?

'No, you couldn't be serious. I talk to you later.'


Wtf?! How could anyone be more stupid than that?

OMG! Oblivious or what?

True bimbo-ness?

Kill me.

I was laughing, feeling I wanna die when I get to know that!

Seriously! Is she lying to herself or what?

People even said, 'I despise you.'

Keyword: Despise

Worse than hate, can't understand? lol

OMG. I can't imagine what else she could be doing.

One day I would just die laughing due to her stupidity.

Can't help but to update about this. LOL!!


chester 체스터™ said...

LOL hongkong dramas! ROFLMAO!

Isabellmiao said...

LOL! funniest story of the year man!
give her one big ZZZ!

alLets' Lexy said...

chester nooOoo...!!
it's parishiltonnn!! LMAOOO!

hahaha! bell i see three big ZZZ LOL!
seriously, i don't want anymore joke from her, i wanna die laughing.

chester 체스터™ said...

hahah yea yea paris hilton.. and the funniest is mother involved also..

alLets' Lexy said...

hahaha~ yeah yeah. buthen damn smart of her to talk to his mom. =P

i love aunty even more now LOL!

kenwooi said...

lol.. thick face? =P


alLets' Lexy said...

i wonder. thick face or plain dumb-ness? lol.

theeggyolks said...

I guess she don't even know how to write the word "embarrassment" -_-"

fran said...

bwahahahaha! good one for the mother!!! thumbs up. wakaka

alLets' Lexy said...

eggyolks, embarassment is a very difficult word to spell. =P

fran, yep~ damn love the aunty ady lol.

Isabellmiao said...

LOL. she don't even know what to bitch fight you in her blog she only wrote like 3 sentences. ==


her engrish not good or she very quiet?
but she so bimbotic and parishiltonic, mana boleh she nothing to say? u got nothing for her to bitch about is it? u got so guai wan meh? LOL

alLets' Lexy said...

ermmm... =/ coz she acting like she so classy and gossip girl while behind she act so sympathetic and all. 'zhuang ke lian'.

damn hate this kind of stupid bitch. or not bitch, i mean slut. cheh.

i dun care about her la and btw, yes i am too guai until nothing for her to bitch. muahahahaha! XDD

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