Thursday, February 25, 2010

Such a grown up yet such a kid.

I have this one relative whom I am even ashamed of to call her a relative of mine.

Quite a far relative, so called ma niece who is way older than I am. About 10 years? Or maybe just a tad younger than that.

Her Dad I called as cousin brother so that why's I have such old niece.

It's complicated as ma Dad's side of the family are quite huge and complicated and the age gaps between generation are just plain weird. Like this one.

Why I would say I am ashame of her is because the way she reacted when our families are around. Our families as in those originally from the almost-village-like place that we are staying in now.

Though it's located right beside the town, it can be considered as kampung though quite many houses have been rebuild and all.

How she reacted? Whenever we saw her with her parents, she always have this look on her face like we are not worth her time.

Even when her Dad ask her to greet the elderly, she plainly ignored. With a blank face. Not even a smile.

FYI, I like her Dad. He has been friendly all the time and caring. But I just don't understand why is his daughter behaving that way.

What the hell is she thinking?

Just because we are some sort of kampung people doesn't mean we are not worth it.

At least our attitude is better than hers.

I don't know what that she think so highly of herself.

I don't see what so highly about her.

She is air stewardess but so what?

I am not putting it generally all air stewardess are like that but she is.

And it is proven that she only treat us originally from the kampung that way.

She just kinda pissed me off everytime I see her.

It's like she is some sort of royalty.

But too bad, she ain't anything to me.

She even sounded dumb when she speak and that makes me laugh.

I am just wondering. If she is so highly of herself, I don't understand why she doesn't know how to bring herself around other people.

Relative or not, I bet she can bring herself better.

But she chose not to. That just showed how low she is.

Though I like her Dad but too bad she is acting that way.

Not a bright girl I would say.

Or woman in this matter as she is getting in the middle age.

Too bad for her.

Such a grown up yet such a kid.


Anonymous said...

is she a stewardess??so she is not more than mamak at at sidewalk stall..the same job..serve people..same as pilot, not more than a taxi driver...enjoice

alLets' Lexy said...

yes, she's an air stewardess. am not looking down on air stewardess but she is just too full of herself, she's not worth it. she really should grow up considering she has already pass her big 3.

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