Monday, February 22, 2010

Yeong Wai Roast Duck

Another food review I have written for for the Food Review section.

This time it's the o' so famous Yeong Wai Roast Duck in Ipoh.

To read the full food review, proceed here.

Food review full with yummilicious description, price, contact details and even ratings. Proceed! I insist.

Or else, just torture yourself by scrolling down to view the pictures.


Let's begin with something light.

Some vege dishes along with the meal.




Three vege dishes, almost appetizers like.

Enough and ready to proceed to the main dish of the day yet?

It's like ma favourite and I'll never ever get bored with it.

Super delicious roast duck with crunchy skin and super aromatic duck skin.

Drooling yet? *evil laugh*

Get some tissue to wipe off your drool before proceeding lower.

I don't want anyone of you to wet the table or the keyboard and please do not start tasting or biting the screen, too.

But no guarantee of such act. LOL

Here I present four full pictures of the best ever roast duck I have ever had.

Still having, not planning to stop any time soon.

FYI, ma family and I are quite a regular there.


Sorry, shouldn't delay no more.







Scroll back up and look again!

Those skins are shinyyyyyyyyy! And those gravy under the roast duckkkkk omg I cann diee nowww.

No exaggeration! Serious!

I'ma so satisfy right now.

Are you guys full yet?

Did you not bite your screen? lol

Or are you guys hungry looking at the pictures?

*evil laugh*

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