Monday, March 22, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Finally I am not too outdated, I watched Alice in Wonderland!

3D somemore but not to deny, it's not exactly worth paying for 3D as there were nothing much. I would have rather pay for normal ticket instead.

Before I watched it, a lot of people were telling me how they think it is not good and how disappointed they were with the movie and all.

It gives me an impression that it would be draggy and uninteresting.

Just maybe I wasn't having any expectation much when I decided to go watch it because of other's critique and all.

But people into art field says the props and all are nice, so why not?

It's interesting to see how real is the thing inside. Or surreal in this matter.


For me, it was nice.

Yes, NICE.

Why not?

I just don't understand why it isn't nice as what those people said it is.

And one even said that I would regret watching it.

But to answer him, I would say I have no regret watching it. I might have regrets if I did not though.

So all in all, definitely no regret at all!

But first off, I don't actually remember the original storyline for the Alice's Adventure in Wonderland by Disney.

I think I used to have the simple version of the book when I was a kid but I just don't remember the storyline much.

So other than Alice dropping into a hole and reaching the Wonderland, I have no other memories of the story most of it.

Even then, I like what I wacthed.

Though I don't understand almost 70% of what they speak of as the English is too difficult for me to understand.

Other than that, Alice in Wonderland is love! *grin*

Though the one I watched it with fell asleep most parts of the movie. lol

That's all I can say about the movie, you want spoiler?

Go look for it yourself. lol

On another note, I met up with Yumie at MidValley the other day.

Second time meet up! *grin*

And there was the Alice in Wonderland decoration at the Centre Court.

I still haven't watch the movie at that time though, managed to catch a few pictures.




I am so amazed by the details of the decorations and the effort that has been put into it.

Everything came down to the finest details. If not all then most as far as I have seen.

Especially when all the plants you see are real.

No, I don't mean those gigantic mushroom but those normal plants. They are real, I took note of that really.





And then the tea party table!

All the food look so prettttyyy~ Not much like the one in the movie though coz that one was full with broken cup and all.

And it didn't look mad enough lol.



Lastly, a picture of me and Yumie.

It's the first time we take picture together, we should camwhore really.


I wanted to find back the original Disney version of Alice in Wonderland though.

I wonder how much they modified for the new movie now.

But I haven't got the time yet since I always have limited time to online in KL now plus I am always distracted by stuff around me.

Even today, I have no meetings and I don't really have anywhere to go so I thought I can finally online and blog peacefully and just maybe if I have enough time, I could scheduled some post.

But ended up, I am rushing through this post coz it's late now and a lot of time has been wasted.

That is all because Bell and I went to 3 Two Square at first for their Starbucks but they were outta electricity but they said it normally takes less than 3o minutes to return and so we waited. I don't know how long we waited but by 3pm, we decided we should wait no more as even our lappie are running outta battery already.

So we went to Jaya One instead but I was too hungry already and Starbucks snacks wouldn't satisfy me already. So we went to Nando's instead.

That is when Bell has toothache due to the too spicy chicken lol.

And then finally we came to Starbucks again but... Karen came and so I was distracted again and I forgot whatever else not.

Distraction, distraction, distraction and the sky went dark.


And more distration later, I am now rushing to finish this.

Yet, I still haven't blog about a FML post.

Am serious, it's really bad luck FML.

Though I know FML is so overrated nowadays but whatever.

And I have to go now.

Pray hard I can update asap or else it would be the time I leave back to the Boring Land of Ipoh.



Jinwei said...

awesome pictures u took! :D *crazy bout it XD*

kenwooi said...

i havent watched it also.. not really that interested =)

alLets' Lexy said...

thanks jinwei~ =)
edited though for the dreamy like effect.

kenwooi, it's niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee la! XD

fran said...

should have watched alice in the wonderland tat day!! i watch the stupid singapore made movie. damn waste my money!! T.T

alLets' Lexy said...

teehee~ too bad for you lor. now i waiting how to train your dragon. XDDDD

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