Thursday, March 4, 2010

chatbox. or Not?

I'ma left with one last assignment.

Dateline or more like deadline for now, is supposed to be tomorrow.

For everything. But one more, I am thinking to do tomorrow in college maybe.

Been lack of sleep for at least 2 nights now. Or was it 3.

So I so feel like wanna sleep.

But wanna blog whore a bit more before sleep.

By the way, type this post because I am thinking ma cBox aka. chatbox at the left side bar here is getting kind of pointless.

Am wondering if I should remove it or not.

It's either people dropped by writting there 'dropped by', 'hello' or etc greetings, there's nothing much.

Plus I don't know how to reply those 'greetings'.

Especially those that was not first time dropping by and yet keep on writting the same greetings. 'Hello', 'Hi', 'Blog walk', 'Dropped by', etc.

Can't people just make a little bit more effort to write at least something that is at least a tiny wee bit better than just the same greeting over and over again?

If nothing much to say, might as well not leave a mark.

Not to be harsh, but that's how I feel.

If there's questions or random chat, it's still fine.

But the whole thing is now mostly full with all those greetings are kind of annoying the hell outta me.

But I don't wish for spam either.

Just maybe I should take it out.

No more chatbox and so please do leave comment in blogpost instead.

Ain't comment so much more appreciate-able?

If there is such word.

I let you say.

Chatbox? or Not?

Leave me decision in comments.

Though I bet anyone of you would do so.

Still, thank you and good night.

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