Sunday, March 7, 2010

CNY Chor 3 Dinner.

We're back to CNY post!

Geez. I have been quite busy to actually blogged about CNY fully. I have quite an amount of pictures and if I don't blog then it's gonna go to waste.

Plus they are all watermarked and ready. Ma cousins have been pestering me to post them in Facebook, that's why.

So we're now back to CNY Chor 3. We had another family dinner, more like families dinner since it's a crossover of the Liew family, ma Mom's side and the Teoh family, ma Dad's side.

All those who could attend was there but too bad, aunt Janet wasn't there because she went enjoying herself to Singapore! Damn nice. Also three cousins couldn't make it because one is in Perth, Aussie while one had to rush back to KL for work while one more was sick at home.

While one of ma uncle and aunty was at home, they barely come out. That's why.

So other than that, almost everyone was there. But I really hope like for real every single person could be there. But it's hard, everyone has grown up.

Even there we have like four generations all sitting together. You can imagine we are really all grown up already.

Like seriously getting old! We no more the kidddddddd! Coz the forth generation one are those kids running around that night. *headache*

That night I tried ma best to be a photographer.

I wanna take pictures of everyone! It's not like the family always take pictures or what. But nahhh... they ain't camwhore. I don't know where I got ma camwhore traits from. Seriously.

I managed to got most pictures of ma cousins though.

I have pretty and handsome cousins! Seriously! No joke.

But that one let's leave it to the next coming post. Haha.

That's gonna be a fully show off pretty and handsome cousins post.

For now, I'll have to be mean and make you all hungry with food pictures!

These are all the food we had that night.



Actually there I am trying to show you all the Choya that one of ma cousin and I shared to buy for everyone to try.

Surprisingly, almost everyone loves it!

Buthen... it cost 100bucks for that bottle so it's not that hard not to love it, no? lol

But it's not exactly ma type. Okay for me but I wouldn't be craving for it.

I would love ma Belgium beer more or mojito or... hard liqour. *grin*


Since I am the photographer, I will have to take photo of maself, maself.

I make up damn gao ady takkan I not gonna camwhore even once mer?

Only one, I promise.

And here I present the food photo marathon.



We began off with Yee Shang.

Two table of Yee Shang and I love the second picture.

I have shitty flash so... that's the best photo I could managed. Gee.







There are all the food we had!

I missed the dessert though, I forgot where I went off.

Or I was just busy taking photos of the rest.

Am starving now blogging this.


Anyway, stay tune for the coming post ya!

It's gonna be a full blast of ma cousins photos and all.

Don't forget pretty and handsomeee onee~ lol.


kenwooi said...

nice dinner.. and the watermark is cute.. chor3dinner.. haha.. =P

alLets' Lexy said...

that sound like a tease. =(

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