Wednesday, March 31, 2010

creative thinking.

Inspired by ma dear ass, Bell to have at least one post per week for something creative. Seriously, I don't feel much as a design student and hence I decided I should start now.

Yes la, so-called inspired but in harsh words, copycat in action. *grin*

But am sure she wouldn't mind. I give credit to her can? lol.

Anyway, since Bell's design post is name 'Packaging Tuesday', I have thought up a name for mine as well.

'creative thinking.'

What do you think?

Just don't wanna specify anything in the topic so I could write a wider range.

What would this be about is almost anything creative that I would like to share with you all.

Also to include one or two of ma thoughts of the topic itself.

That depends on what I am going to write about.

Btw, this isn't ma first scheduled every week post. I am having 'pretty tasty' going on every Sunday in ma blog here.

If you haven't notice, those are pretty food photos I collect from the internet to share with you all.

All photos are credited to the source though, I do not own any of them. Always click on pictures to lead you to the original source itself. *smile*

Anyway, guess I wouldn't drag anymore, let's start with the first post of 'creative thinking.'


This is a concept by a industrial design student, Andrew Kim which I found from where features loads of creative packaging, only conceptual or not.

In, it is said that this is not only the simplified branding fantastic but also the square bottle is beautiful and a smart use of space. Also mentioned that it is not sure of whether it is manufacturable but nonetheless still a great idea and design.

Personally I would say that the first look of the bottle is a tad boring due to the flat arrangement of the visual but when being observed detaily, it is indeed an interesting concept.

And why would I chose this to share is because that this piece has caused quite a debate in where the post has been featured.

Due to the claim of being 100% plant based, it has been attacked with quite a lot of comments regarding how untrue and how impossible the bottle is to be manufactured.

To read all comments, proceed here.

I personally wouldn't be sure how true are those comments as well as what claimed in the picture below but it has raised an important issue when it comes to design that most student designer do not remember or always neglect.

As said in some comments, some students design for the sake of design.

Most did not manage to pay attention to the possibility of the design to be manufactured. Concepts could be great and awesome but most of us students have neglected the fact that not all concepts could be manufactured or possible.

In some technical aspects, some concepts are made impossible.

I seriously do believe that we as students have to pay more attention to this matter as it is a serious subject and not something we should just push aside.

But coming back to this design, I personally think it is awesome.

Though facts mentioned might not be 100% true or possible, but it is still great as a concept.


Also to those senior designers and professionals out there, give a chance to the us, students and not be too harsh.

Be open to new ideas and sometimes, some concepts are possible.

That's all that I would like to share in this post.

Below are the sketches for the concept above.

I would say very neat sketches, I should make ma sketches neat from now onwards.


Hope this gives everyone a thought to think of.


Lucian Mathilde said...

Oh damn those guys are just being unfair to treat a student like this. When they are criticizing him did they ever think in the name of creativity?

What we multimedia students always strive to do is design for the sake of creativity... and yet people tends to think that our mission is as easy as drinking water.

To me he is a brilliant, and courageous guy. Why courageous? - cause he dare to re-design something which is iconic and had been existed in people's mind for decades. Honestly I don't have such guts existed in me.

And when creativity is made, here comes those mindless criticizers. Just like fools from the feudal ages, whose minds always stuck to the classics, while neglecting fresh ideas. Those fools should be left to rot, really, or should just be exterminated so that creativity would continue to prosper.

alLets' Lexy said...

=) thanks for the comment. nice onee.

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