Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Exam mad Easy

Today exam was mad easssyy!!

I did not look at the time when we started but we were supposed to start at 9am.

At 9.17am, I'ma done with ma paper. lol

Seriously crazily so easy that I'ma glad I did not take the time and trouble to study.

I know cocky, but really. Some coursemates walked out less than 5 minutes after that I did.

Proven it's crazily easy.

Lecturer and principal were looking at me like I'ma mad when I walked out. lol

Anyway, it's gonna be a long day.

Now what that I have to do or gonna do after I'ma done with this post.

1. Go back to college to fix ma mascot a bit.
2. Meet up with Carrmen for Starbucks session.
3. Watch Wolfman in the evening.
4. Try look for clothes for assessment on Thursday.
5. Buy neccessities for preparation to runaway from home, again, soon.

That's all for now I gotta ciao!

By the way, look out for ma Show off Cousins post coming soon in the evening!

Must see okayyy~

All pretty and handsome one waiting for you!

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