Sunday, March 28, 2010

FML at Balloon Fiesta 2010

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 that happened a week ago at Putrajaya, this is the second time it was organised in Malaysia.

Luckily I managed to get to know about it through where I forgot but it is during the time when I was in KL. Lucky me! In one way but truth to be told, that day was definitely the most bad luck day I could ever have. About that later.


So it was held for four days straight from Thursday to Sunday on last weekend at Monumen Alaf Baru in Presint 2.

I was supposed to go with Bell but we had a late night the night before and even I called her at 12pm, she said she was too tired for it.

So I went instead with ma boy. Just the two of us and... yes, I fought the sun for the fiesta, really.


We reached around 1pm plus and the sun hates me so much, it practically follow me anywhere that I was going.

Exagerrating, yes but it's so frigging crazily hot!

I ended up with a weird shape sunburn on ma shoulder and ma feet. You see the shoes I was wearing, the uncovered part was sunburn wtf.

Worse, the hot air balloon show time was at 7am and we know we missed but we thought we might just check the place out.

So I got no hot air balloon photo, not even one and the closest thing to hot air balloon are these helium air balloon.


Embarrasing, yes. Very indeed.

That's why I was so reluctant to caption all ma photos.

Imagine caption: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, and after all ma readers scrolling down to read and found no photo of hot air balloon, it's gonna be so wtf.

But I am not gonna waste the effort of me capturing these pictures especially under the super crazily hot burning sun.

Walked around, saw these booth that sells airplane model.

Very little stock, or just maybe because it was the last day already.



There were random stalls everywhere selling random stuff like windmill, clothes, and I even saw a Crocs booth!

Yes, Crocs. The weird plastic made slippers.

It looked like a pasar malam stall, with Crocs threwn everywhere, people piling in and out. So... degrading.

I wonder if those are original or...

But anyway, I saw these cute badges somewhere!! Damn cute.




So cute I nearly wanted to buy some of it but to think of it, if I were to buy any it's more like wasting money.

I wouldn't use it and in the end I wouldn't even know where I put them. lol

So I managed to walk away.

Then there was this area where it was full of food stalls, we were so hungry but it was so hot I rather not eat.

Everyone was sweating so madly I wonder how they can still sit there under the hot sun and eat.

Also, there was this area which I supposed to be a parking lot but there were modified cars exhibition going on.

Modified cars all parked nicely and decorated, along with medals and certificates. Like a show off session lol.

But true enough, it was a show off session.

To me, at least something to take pictures of!

Quite some pictures and those... let's leave them to the next post.

While I will have to continue to tell why it was such a bad day for me.

First of, I couldn't manage to wake up early in the morning to catch the hot air balloon session at 7am and photographing session was supposed to be at 8am.

But I felt a tad better when I heard an announcement saying there would be another session at 5.30pm.

So I went off for lunch at around 3pm to Alamanda thinking to come back later for the hot air balloon session.

Off we went and then when we were going back again at around 5pm plus, the area was jammed.

Jam packed with cars and also human being. Cars not moving and all fighting for parkings.

Then I saw the sky was dark with gloomy cloud which seems to be telling us that it's gonna rain. At that moment I was wondering if I should just leave but I just have to catch the sight of the hot air balloon being filled in with hot air!

I would not give a chance to miss it again!

So I decided to park ma car and go down instead though it's indicating it's gonna rain soon.

That's when bad luck dawned me.

While on the way going inside the parking, a fcuking asshole whose car was on ma left side decide it should claimed the whole lane to himself and drive to the middle of the road and scratched ma car while doing so.

Nice, very nice.

I know that's not very asshole, he could have underestimate the distant and all but what's an asshole when he decided to get down from the car and say I fcuking bang his car.

FYI, I did not move from where I was as it was jam and I was waiting for parking. And he has to start giving me faces like just because I am driving a Perak car plate, he can bully me wtf.

So I asked him to stop aside if he wanna talk instead of blocking the way and shouting like a mad man.

The whole process after we stopped at the side was him scolding me, insisting that it was ma fault and it was his road that I bang his car bla bla bla and whatever else bullshit more.

He was too much to the extend he started scolding me 'bodoh' where I snapped.

I don't see the point of scolding anyone when accident happen especially when he was the one at fault, he has to point at me and dare he asked me for 200bucks.

It was a mere scratch, you can't see if I don't point it out.

I was civilised to begin with, I don't even bother with the friggin scratch but he has to act like he can squeeze 200bucks outta me, fcuk him.

Dare he claimed that if we report, I will have to pay 300bucks summon.

The problem? It wasn't even ma fault, I don't see the point of me being summoned.

After the usual bullshit thingy coming out from his mouth, I decided to go to the police station.

Just because I don't know the way around, he reached and he has this smug look on his face as if like he won.

After he was done, he gave me this stupid face while walking out. Stupid asshole.

But in the end, the police just laughed at the whole matter when I tell them what happened.

It was supposed to be a very small matter and just because of the fcuking asshole, I have to waste ma time and ma energy for all those.

What didn't help, it rained right after we decided to go to the police station!

I could have left if I know it's gonna rain so fast and the fcuking asshole wouldn't have scratched ma car.

I let you all decide, bad luck or not?


It nearly got me into a more serious trouble.

Worse than the accident, but luckily I managed to get through.

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