Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot Air Balloon 2010 done!

I am continuing the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 pictures with no hot air balloon pictures again.

Promise last post already!

Even maself is kinda sick with it. *puke*

But this post is full of pictures of awesome-ness and... blings!!


First car showed here is already awesome!

Niceeeee!! Don't you think so?

Inspired by Miss Ayumi if I ain't mistaken. God knows who but I think is some sort of anime goddess or something.

Sorry if I am wrong.





And noticed the back got bling-ed?

Seriously bling-ed!!

If you can't see and you think I lied, here's another car with bling-ed.

I wouldn't say niceee but this has got PS2 in it wtf.



And a special steering.

I think the owner thought he is driving an airplane instead. lol

How does he drive with a stering like that?

And those are blings okieeee!! Serious.

If you still can't see or you don't believe me, there's more below.

But we move on to this white handsome car, looking so hot under the sun.


Handsome, no?

Nothing much in the interior though or I just forgot to take pictures, I don't know.



Hardcore transformer car!

Not that the car can transform d'uh. I know lame, whatever.





Another bling-ed car!

Bling-ed plus gold wtf. Under the sun, I was almost blinded by it, eyes barely open.

Exagerrating, yeah.


Look! The rim also bling-ed wtf!


Can you see the bling now?

Do you still think I am lying wtf?

Buthen this car most attention catching ain't the bling but the gear!

Look at the freaking long gear wtf!

I wonder what's the point of the super duper long giler gao gao gear.

Erm... shift gear better? lol.

Haha. Finally am done with all the weird cars post!

I mean modified cars post. No more!

Sien ady.

But don't worry, other than 'pretty tasty', am having new weekly post coming!

Beginning from tomorrow afternoon.

Stay tune!


kenwooi said...

title is hot air balloon but all pictures of cars.. hahpa.. anyway nice =)

alLets' Lexy said...

=( you no read what i type or u simply mock me. lol

BeverLy's Secret said...

W.O.W. Those are slightly over the top but interesting enough to be exhibited~~

alLets' Lexy said...

beverly, yep yep` XD just for exhibition. lol

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