Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Let's take a break from Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 photos which doesn't even have any hot air balloon pictures.

I have one more post for that, which is also full off modified cars. *smile*

But before that, let's have something else just in case it's too much.

Now let's talk about movie.

Have you watch this yet?


How to Train Your Dragon!

Finally am not that slow since this movie was up only last Thursday and I have already watched it last Wednesday instead.

3D version! Second 3D movie I've watched. First of Alice's in Wonderland.

Though IMO it wasn't that worth to watch 3D version since there isn't much 3D effect in this movie but the overall movie is nice.

Or... more like the dragons are very cute.

As in super duper cute gila gao gao!

So far, I haven't heard any bad review about it, just good one until now.

So I supposed this movie is suitable for almost most peopple, kids, adults or not-so-adult.

I like this movie so much that I watched it the second time tonight with Emiko.

There's few scenes that I particularly like a lot but I couldn't find any screenshots, so no pictures.

But I supposed if you all wanna see, just go catch the friggin movie already.

Get your butt to the cinema soon!

On a side note, something funny in the cinema tonight.

Apart from the movie of course.

Funny to me, but not so funny to Emiko it seems.

What you think happened?

I kind of ter-splashed half a bucket of popcorn onto Emiko while we were munching on popcorn and ma hand slipped of the bucket. LOL

Like half the bucket of popcorn gone, on Emiko's body though I did kena a bit.

But it was mad funny when it happened, it just... *splash* popcorn's everywhere lol.

I couldn't stop laughing for a while but the movie hasn't start at that time so nobody bother.

Laughing so badly, I went on to tweet about it and I was still laughing when I was done tweeting.

Bet Emiko wasn't too happy with the popcorn splash who kept on asking me if I have laugh enough lol.

Mayve you guys should try it if you guys never tried before.

Popcorn splash! LOL


And btw, next post we'll come back with the modified cars at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010.



Isabellmiao said...

toothless!!!! and lol! bet emiko is angry. IMISSHERRRRR!!!!

alLets' Lexy said...

toothless not so toothless. cutee~ XDDD ermmm... she ar, she didn't laugh with me. =( but it was mad funny lol.

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