Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mojito crave


Second Mojito I've ever had.

All thanks to Benny who recommended it to me.

Somehow it's kind of weird to know a guy liking cocktail. I thought they say cocktails are girls' drink. Ha!

But too bad I love liquor more than I love cocktails.

But Mojito got me hooked.

Damn Mojito I've been craving for some but I couldn't find some good one yet.

But am definitely getting alcohol into the system tomorrow night!

Actually, this is a scheduled post so that means when this is up I would be on ma way out to grab some alcohol with Benny already.

Benny, ma one and only drinking buddy in Ipoh.

Seriously, I doubt there's anyone else who could go drinking with me here.

Though we never do it often. That's the down part of it. *frown*

Anyway, ain't getting Mojito since I'ma kinda bored with Barbeza already and I wanted to go Oval de Garden to get some Hoegaarden instead! Geez.

Yes, I am starting to like Hoegaarden since the last time I had it at that place.

Hope they not running low on it tomorrow or else I would be so piss.

So, happy Saturday night!

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