Sunday, March 21, 2010

pretty tasty.

Disclaimer: There's more and more people who think that all food pictures in the pretty tasty posts every Sunday in ma blog are either cooked by me or photos taken by me. So I feel there is a need to have a disclaimer to tell everyone that all food pictures in pretty tasty posts do not belong to me. Credits are given to respective owners, do click on the pictures for source link.

So now you all know pretty tasty is just a collection I have did to torture all of you who drop by every Sunday.

Now we come back to the torture.

Or heaven for some.


(via sunshinemusings)

mondojergens:  sashimi flowers

fuckyeahhsushi:  (via pouryourheartintoit)

fuckyeahhsushi:   fuckyeahrealsushi:  patiga:  Sushi Sashimi (via nyqist)

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kumfye said...

nice japanese cuisine...and even nicer photo taken...

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