Wednesday, April 14, 2010

random pointless

These pictures have been in ma draft since forever already. Was planning to do a filler post with them but... I think stuff got caught up in the end.

Plus these pictures are quite old, which I don't exactly remember when we took it. If I ain't mistakenly it's around January when I was in KL.

First off, I need to clarify one thing.

These pictures watermark are super screwed up. I don't know what got into me put all watermarks has got spelling error.

Don't ask, I don't know what's up ma mind either when I was editing.

But I edited these to put up in Facebook since Karen was pestering me to and she kept on complaining that all pictures I took of hers inside have always vanished.

So I make a point to edit and upload them all in Facebook and I don't wanna waste them just in Facebook so I got them into draft.

Since they were already in the draft, might as well type some stuff and post them up, no? Geez.

Anyway, don't mind the 'MindValley' typo and also ma weird url with the double / symbol missing.

Seriously, don't ask, don't bother.

Pictures begin with... ma first time in Pasta Zanmai.

Yep, I haven't been to Pasta Zanmai until this January.

I know la damn jakun wtf.




Obviously I was there with ma dear ass Bell.

I think we made a point to go out shopping on that day.




Food, food, food and more food.

Love those onsen tamago in almost every dish they served.

Super yummmyyyy, me love onsen tamago lots!!!



Also love their fusion pasta.

Jakun, jakun.

With Bell and me, it always ended up with a camwhoring session.

Since I haven't been spamming ma own blog with ma faces, here's a few photos.




That's Bell specs btw.

Just a accessories specs with no purpose lol.

Anyway, I don't know why I feel weird spamming ma own camwhore pictures in ma blog.

It feels very very very weird!!

That's why there's not much camwhore picture really.

But Bell say ma blog readers might want camwhore pictures, that's why they don't wanna come to ma blog anymore after figuring out that I wouldn't post ma camwhore pictures anymore.


I don't know la, you all like la.




That's ma first time trying the... durian pancake from Sweet Chat.

It's fabulously super delicious!!

Damn I mad love durian and I had all those for maself okieeee.

Bell doesn't eat durian, so yeah, I sapu-ed all and wanting for more. lol

Damn niceeeeeee!!

While at night we met up with Karen and her friend.

Sort of went to Republic in Sunway for a drink.

The mojito there sucks. Like plain water wtf.




That's the drunken Bell. lol

She would kill me. But yeah, she's not drunk.

Just mere alcohol effect.


And I assumed this is drunken Karen.

Which I am not sure since... it was a picture in the other camera and... the background was bright day time.

So nah... doubt she was drunk though she looks like she was.

Maybe its her 'fatt hao' face lol.

Seems like it.




In the end, we kinda moved to Helo Bali right beside thinking we could get... Hoegaarden.

I wasn't a Hoegaarden fans at that time yet so I got more cocktail and... it sucks even more.

Lycheetini or something and it taste like sea water wtf.

More salty than sea water. No wonder they have promotion of buy 1 free 1.

Free stuff never good lol.

The night kinda ended with... a friend of Karen being MIA when she was supposed to come meet us up and so I went back without them and... they kind of tried to pull a search though I wasn't sure how it ended up in the end.

I know, I know.

You are saying it's a bunch of useless pictures with useless words I am having here but you can't blame me, I don't wanna waste these pictures which have been staying in ma draft for more than a month!

At least credits for me that I edited them all alright?

Yeah, you may leave know.

I hate this post wtf.



kenwooi said...

i prefer food pics than camwhore pics.. =P

elynn-p :] said...

i don't mind if ur blog does not contain camwhore pics~~i prefer u to blog as U urself rather than trying to please people~~umm, tht's my point of view, sorry if i offended anybody here

alLets' Lexy said...

kenwooi, got food pic also ma. =P haha.

elynn, dilemma all the time lol. no reader than no motivation already. geez.

elynn-p :] said...

huh?? no reader?? then who am i?? im not reader?? hehe~keep on going~i'll definitely read ur blog~tht's for sure if u keep update it~heeeheee

alLets' Lexy said...

hahaha. reader amounts ma. =P thanks elynn. =)

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