Tuesday, March 23, 2010


More food pictures!

I guess food is the easiest thing to blog plus I have like endless food photo in ma albums and all, might as well make them useful. Geez.

I feel like ma blog is turning into a food blog or something, it's full of food pictures most of the time!

I wonder if I regret that I started having 'pretty tasty' post scheduled every Sunday.

Just then I don't have enough content, now ma blog is food dominated.

Still, I will have to post this one.




First time having Subway breakfast, not first time having subway.

But I realised Subway breakfast or Subway Club is so friggin cheap! And the sandwiches size are the same as the normal one with like almost half the price!

Damn worth it.

Now I should go have Subway Club only or breakfast. Geez.

Anyway, I will try to have better content when I am back to Ipoh.

It's kind of distracting while I am in Kl to actually blog of real content. Even I can't think straight most the time and I have no internet at home.

Frustrating I have to come out all the time just for internet especially late night.

Currently camping in Darussalam and I ate.

I wasn't even hungry wtf.

Though this is a scheduled post.

When this is up, I guess I would be somewhere having meetings or I don't know what.

Die die have to scheduled this post lol.

And you all readers be loyal a bit can?!

Don't run off everytime I am just too busy or distracted to update.

You all damn mean to me. *crai!*

I'ma gonna come back fast though!



kumfye said...

a prefect breakfast made your perfect day...


alLets' Lexy said...

haha. but i seldom have breakfast though it's nice. :D

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