Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sushi Zanmai

Current location: Subang Jaya

I have been here since last Thursday which explain why ma blog was abandoned for a while now. No connection at ma place here and hence I can't online.

And internet out there like Starbucks, Station One, mamak and etc sucks like shit. Or worse than shit.

I can't blog with BB either. I haven't figure out the way plus it's so difficult to blog with such mini screen.

And my blog post requires pictures! So I must blog with lappie + external harddisk.

So today I promised maself that I die die also must blog!

So here I am battling with the sucky internet in Carrefour Subang Jaya Starbucks, just praying hard everytime I click something it would actually load and bring me to a new page.

So far... I'ma still alive.

That's only because I spent the first three hours designing name cards which didn't really require internet except for downloading a font that a need to use and that's it.

I got that done! Proud.

Am supposed to start doing other work though.

Which I can't think of for the mean time and am desperate to update ma blog so I decided to start typing hoping the auto save would work and I wouldn't lose everything I type in the end if the internet thinks it should make fun of me.

Though the post might not make sense or... very backdated, I have no choice.

I kind of lost the flow of the content that I wanna blog, so... outdated stuff would do for the mean time. *smile*

Now let's go back to... last year.

Yep, I'ma blogging about Dec 2009 if I am not mistaken. lol

I don't wanna waste these pictures I took.

So last year during December I was here in KL for whatever it was for and finally it's like the first time I met up with ma dear ass, Bell in KL.

I don't know why we never get to really hang out when I come to KL. It's either she's busy or whatever else not or we don't have transport. The bummer.

But that time we managed, how... I forgot.

So we met up in Sunway Pyramid and had lunch together.

Sushi Zanmai after so long!

I had Sushi Zanmai first time years ago and finally I get the chance to have it again after so long. Damn jakun one, I know.

We started with this artistic shot of the soy sauce bottle. lol

Ciplak artistic.


And then fooOooooooodddd!!

I'ma so hungry typing this. *frown*

Starbucks has got no good food.





First two pictures are mine. Last two pictures are Bell.

I don't remember we had so little, I think I miss some pictures.

Sigh. Ma stomach grumbling while I'ma looking at the ikura chawamushi. *crai!*

While I don't know what else to write anymore for this post, I'ma gonna end here.

Pray hard I have enough time to at least scheduled some post or blog.

Ma readers have already run away damn fast now!

Traffic like shit. Damn sad.

I don't even bother to check ma traffic anymore.

So heartbreaking.


Suddenly I found these few pictures lying around in ma photobucket which is supposed to be in this post.

See? These are the pictures I have missed.

I remember we didn't have so little food, though the total amount was actually too much for us.




Bell's don't know what tempura rice. lol

Ma yummmyyyy salmon sashimi and tempura vege!


Now I even more hungry wtf.

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