Monday, April 19, 2010


It's movie time.

Since other long awaiting movies is still not on screen yet, I dragged Emiko and Benny to watch Kickass instead last night.

Read some good reviews from both Bell and Joshua which makes me anticipated the movie a bit more than I would have.


IMO it was quite a comedy though not entirely.

Though I am already not expecting the usual superhero movie because I have read about it somewhere, but I was expecting something with a tad more excitement in it.

Too little excitement perhaps?

Or just too ordinary.


From the beginning of the movie, it was plain hillarious for most part of it.

Though till the middle of it, it kinda got a tad too flat for ma liking.

I was kind of bored and there wasn't much excitement in it other than different superhero keep on appearing outta no where.

Which is something that I have been expecting and... nothing far from ma expectation.


And all reviews I have read said they like Hit Girl.

I can see why as she is almost like the only one closest to being the real superhero in the movie.

Plus she is just a mere kid.

Can't deny she is sorta cool when she was playing tricks with the knives and all.

But other than that, she look so much better in her regular clothes than her superhero custome.



While I guess Big Daddy and Red Mist are both wannabe. Batman wannabe and I don't know what wannabe is Red Mist but definitely a phailed superhero wannabe. lol

Though obviously Red Mist is the one appearing to be almost the most dumb one among the other four, a serious joke.

But no comment on both as I didn't particularly fancy anyone of them in the movie.

For the movie, I would say it was okay, not bad.

But not good enough to make me remember it. It's less than 24hours I watched the movie and I practically don't remember much details already.

Proved how only okaaaaay it is. lol

Now I can't wait for the coming Ironman 2 though I don't know if there's any movie that might catch ma attention that is going up this Thursday.

Damn we need at least some entertainment in this boring land.


kenwooi said...

i also wanna watch it soon! kiss ass! =D

alLets' Lexy said...

lol. kiss whose ass. =P it's so so only, nothing big hoohaa.

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