Friday, April 9, 2010

the Berry day

I haven't been as hardcore blogger as I tried to make maself to be.

Why? Because there's always something to write that I forgot or I don't have anything to write or... I just forgot how to blog like how I feel.

Or am just too engrossed with all the online stories that I have been reading.

I can't stop and that practically stopped me from doing lots of things. Because I got emotional every time I read one.

Which is almost every single day lately.

As I was typing this last night in ma bed, I was dragged back by ma addiction to read and I went reading instead until I was done with all the chapters at 5am and fell asleep.

Anyway, since I came back from KL just two weeks ago, it has been a period of time where there are a lot of decisions that I have to make.

So many decisions that I don't even know how to think about it one by one.

Everything seems to be linked up in a way or two but instead individual decisions are to be expected. How is that even possible I don't know.

One of the decisions is my finals. Should I be taking ma final project one this semester as I have four more subjects. Four subjects plus final projects plus whatever else not that I am doing? I wonder.

But that decision, I have to make by today actually.

Because if I were to drop final project this semester, I am supposed to inform the authority in the first two weeks of the semester and today is the last day of it already.

Since I want to graduate by this year, no less no more, I will have to take up ma finals this semester.

No matter how crazy it would sound to all ma coursemates.

Though a lot of others are saying that I can actually do it.

I don't doubt that but only doubting how good can I make it.

But I need some pressure, so no complain.

While another decision that I am supposed to make now is one that I never expect.

Four years ago, or two, I am not sure. I guess it would be two years ago, the time when I was just done with ma STPM and have about 8 months to spare before I decided to enroll into the college that I am currently in now, I have proposed to ma mom to actually let me take up a nail art or manicure course.

The respond that I have got at that time was no, it's useless and waste of money.

I don't see how useless could it be since it is still a skill.

A skill that I wish I had and a skill I envied others who has it.

And then suddenly now two years later, one day ma Mom suddenly told me, 'Last time you said you wanna learn manicure, right? Go find a place which is nice and go register.'

All I was feeling the moment I heard that is... WHY?!

Why now?!

Sigh. Two years ago, it wasn't allow and now... it is allow. Why?

I just don't understand. When I have all the time in the world for me to waste, friggin 8 months. I had approximately 240 days wasted at that time and yet I wasn't allowed.

Now that I am in college, doing some other side stuff and suddenly she told me I should go register? Wtf?

Some people say I am lucky to have such parent but... a parent who is 2 years late in making a decision?! Sigh.

How lucky I am.

I know, I know. Everyone ask me to stop complaining and take up the fcuking course only. But there's just so much to think about.

Sigh. I should decide already by next week.

So much to think about.

So much to do.

Anyway, put that aside, it's picture time!

All blog post should have some pictures, don't you think so? Geez.

The other day that I went to watch Clash of the Titans, I went grocery shop as well right after the movie.

Let's talk about the movie on the other post, because I have so much to rant about. Not the movie itself, but those people who have watched the movie before I did. Cis.

Anyway, grocery shop... what did I buy?

Something here and there but loads of baby tomatoes and berries!



The amount of tomatoes bought is like three packets.

There's actually three types of tomatoes in there. Erm... I forgot their names. lol

And those are not the actual amount of berries I've got.

That's like half the amount of strawberries and half the amount of blueberris I have got.

Those strawberries we biggggg! *grin*


I love tomatoes with their... leaves?

Do we call that leaves? lol.

I am not sure but if not then what? But it's so cute with the leaves intact, no?

They had stems before I throw them away and wash them up so all that I have to do is grab some from the fridge and pop them in ma mouth.

Lazy people work lol.


While look at the water!

It's turning blueeeee! Omg I never knew the coloring of blueberries is so strong.

But... I think I kind of overrated fresh blueberries. It doesn't taste as nice as the dried one IMO.

I am not sure if it's because I got those not so fresh one or because it is really like that. *sigh*

Ma love for blueberries just vanished like that already.

But I still love strawberries!

Especially big and juicy one. It's been a while since I had any.


So I decided to have cereal with berries!


Though those are not the exact amount of berries I had with ma cereal.

There's more in another container as they wouldn't fit in the bowl. lol



But it's so niceee... with all the fresh berries, the fragrance. *sniff sniff*

Btw, the other day I was ranting to Bell that I don't know what ma blog readers want anymore.

I don't even know if I have loyal readers or not, or just random people all the time popping in ma blog without coming back again. *frown*

I seriously don't know because no matter what I blog now, it seems like readers don't bother anymore.

I blog about food, event, artwork, packaging, design whatever else that matter doesn't seems to matter to ma readers. If it does, ma traffic really showed otherwise.

And then Bell told me, just maybe the readers want camwhore picture.


Who the fcuk would want ma camwhore picture?

Seriously I wonder. Everything is not bothered while Bell think just maybe that camwhore picture might make ma readers bother?


But wtf? If that's what readers want then fine!

I'ma gonna friggin make up one day and camwhore and spam ma blog with hundreds of camwhore pictures if that satisfy you all. *piff*

You all wait!

Just one day, and that one day might just come very soon!


Isabellmiao said...

i am waiting! ^^

and turn off that word verification already damnit! damn annoying. lol.

elynn-p :] said...

camwhore is good idea~~but wht u r writing nw is great~~~and i wish to read more~~a fan of personal blog~~

Anonymous said...

erk... damn stress with ur ending...

but the berries!!! XD

alLets' Lexy said...

bellmiao, i... lazy. =/ make up and not go out is like damn wtf. T____T
and i dunwan bot spamming la, used to get those alot, must put word verification. ^^

elynn-p, thanks dear. though might not camwhore, lots of work lol.

anonymous, it's true! it's not ma fault that ma readers are like that. =( and yeah, berries. ^^

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