Thursday, April 29, 2010

CopyKitty aka. Plagiarism?

I am here today not to flame, not to troll.

Definitely not anything mentioned above but as a student designer, I am personally quite affected by a recent incident that happened to a friend of mine.

Blogger friend if to be specific.

CheeChing, also well-known as Cheechingy or C-Chingy or Chingy in the blogosphere has been facing a plagiarism issue recently.

Her artwork has been plagiarized by another blogger.

Though I wouldn't know how well-known is the other blogger in the blogosphere but part of her artworks has been found to be really similar with CheeChing's one.

If it is only just similar, we would not have such big reaction to the issue.

But it is terribly similar to the extend that if you put both the artworks together, without watermarks, you practically couldn't differentiate which belong to who.

This has been proven by Bell who also wrote a post regarding this matter.

In her blog post, all artworks being put together and even I couldn't differentiate the artworks until I did ma own research and found ma own "evidence" instead.

Though no name will be mentioned since CheeChing decided that she doesn't want to defame the other blogger nor cause any blogwar.

But first off, I would like to clarify that I do not write this post for no reason nor did I write this before CheeChing tried to talk to the other blogger but to no avail.

The other blogger's artist friend even dare said that CheeChing is just a troll trying to defame and trying to gain traffic from the other blogger.

Hence we decided since the other blogger could be so unreasonable, we should at least have our say in this issue.

First of all, I wouldn't think of any reason that CheeChing is trying to gain traffic from the other blogger as CheeChing herself is already quite well-known herself.

Also, CheeChing is the victim here in this issue but why is it that the other blogger said it like it didn't matter. Plus dare the other blogger said that CheeChing should be proud that someone would want to copy her style.

Plagiarism is plagiarism no matter what.

There is nothing to be proud of when being plagiarized and there is every right to be mad about.

Plus what pissed me off to a certain extend is the other blogger is not one who doesn't have skill, who is not creative. I don't deny that the other blogger is quite creative but why the plagiarism if so?

Now before I say more, let me show you the artworks.

Watermarks of the other blogger are removed to protect the identity but I leave CheeChing's watermarks there to show you which are CheeChing's and which are works of plagiarism.

If you are a reader of CheeChing's blog, then you would well noticed this post by CheeChing which I personally think is very creative and nice work.


Why I Like It Longer by CheeChing for the LG Chocolate contest if I am not mistaken.

CheeChing's idea of doing it in a very long visual post. She even won the prize, the LG Chocolate phone itself and tell me the idea is not original and I would beat you to that.

Now just very recently, the other blogger did a post for Sloggi contest with the same idea: very long visual post.

Though the other blogger's one appears to be longer but isn't it obvious enough who started with the idea to begin with?


Fine if you say this point is not strong enough because I am not justifying by just this one.

Stronger point or even more similar artworks on its way soon.

Let's have a look of two other artworks by CheeChing.

Do take note of CheeChing's concept, style and the used of textures.


CheeChing's style is quite obvious in these two artworks, if you can't see it, I wouldn't know what to do with you.

But you see, we found this artwork of the other blogger of which is dangerously similar to CheeChing's one above.


The style, the used of texture and even the way those objects are being drawn.

Don't you think it is too similar to be said as coincidence?

Definitely not a coincidence because it was mentioned by the other blogger that the artwork above is 'inspired' by CheeChing.

But the problem is plagiarism and inspiration is two very different things.

Can you see? Or can you not?

Because if you can't then I can have a better comparison for you.


Now that I put the other blogger artwork in between of CheeChing's one, now you tell me whether is this a 'inspired' artwork or a downright plagiarized one?

Take note of the objects, CheeChing has got zombie, the other blogger has got zombie. CheeChing has got a visual of herself, the other blogger has got a girl visual, too.

If you say those are just objects and it's not consider plagiarism then let me tell you what is.

Take note of both of CheeChing's and the other blogger's artwork, first of the zombie's facial expression, the eyes, the teeth. Then both the girls' hairs and expression, very very similar.

And the most obvious?

The texture used and the gradient in the whole artwork.

Even the other blogger's artwork background is the same as one of CheeChing's one.

While the rest below are those another artworks by CheeChing and also the other blogger.

Other than the toothfairy one with watermark, could you tell the other three apart of whom they belong to?





Honestly, I couldn't. Before I did this post maself, I really went and look and I couldn't differentiate them.

Have I make ma point across sound and clear or not?

Though I might not know better when it comes to issue like plagiarism but Bell has got professional advice from her lecturer which I believe could be trusted.

This is definitely not a right thing to do.

When one should respect the other's idea and artwork, credits shold be given and no copykitty action should be done to begin with.

I guess the other blogger should start realising what's the difference of 'inspiration' and 'plagiarism'.

Plagiarism is define to be the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work. -

Inspiration is define to be an inspiring or animating action or influence. -

This is really a very hideous thing to be done by the other blogger and continue to think that there's no wrong even after being approached and even make comments as mentioned above is really unbearable.

Do you think CheeChing deserve what she is getting now from the other blogger?

I definitely think she does not.

CheeChing deserve much more credits for her artworks than this bullshit she has been getting recently.

I do not say so just because I am her friend, because the truth is we are merely acquaintance who have met just once or twice and do not keep in contact privately to begin with.

But I do appreciate the effort she put on her artworks enough to make ma say in this issue.

What have you to say about this?

I say NO to CopyKitty.

CopyKitty, ain't that too nice a name for someone who plagiarized?


Isabellmiao said...

hng! well said!

Xiaopei said...

The name 'CopyKitty' is too nice for the someone because I don't think that person deserves this nice name. He/She should get even a BETTER name. You're too good. lol

cheeChingy said...

Thank youuuu Stella! <3 Appreciate it :)

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