Wednesday, April 7, 2010

creative thinking.

It's creative thinking.

This time I am going to share a very colourful, vibrant and fun design.


This is a work of a student, José Luis García Eguiguren.

His blog is in foreign language and hence I couldn't understand what is written though according to the source that I found this from, again, I supposed this is the description by the student himself.

"The idea of this project is to sell emotions through a product. I selected a mix between a concoction and vodka. The concoction is a fruit blend that contains emotions such as love, sadness, happiness, fear and anger. The Mixed Emotions cocktail evokes an emotion and changes your attitude according to your preference.

The spiral structure forms two straws that invite the consumer to visualize how the liquids combine as they drink. Two tiny mecanisms outline the straws to bottom of the container, allowing air to enter and hence permitting the customer to absorb the liquid. The cap provides an air-tight seal, thus enclosing all openings.

While the front panel invites the consumer to drink, the back panel depicts phrases to illustrate the type of experience the customer will encounter. Because of its design, the consumers can dance, jump, go wild or do whatever they please without worrying about spilling their drink or breaking the bottle."



Again, this is another design that has raised quite a debate or at least quite some comments voiced by the readers of due to it's description of the product as a whole. Mainly due to the alcohol mentioned as well as emotion being associated in the description.

Some comments have said that associating alcohol and emotions together is a very irresponsible act as one should not blame alcohol for whatever emotions felt.

As I agree with the issue raised regarding associating alcohol and emotions, it is indeed quite a irresponsible act.

Plus the emotions stated in the packaging are a little odd other than the usual happy, sad and etc. Mentioned is 'Let's get hooked', 'Let's get excited', 'Let's get wild', 'Let's get freaky' and 'Let's get low'.

Other than 'Let's get excited', I don't exactly see others as emotions.

How would hooked, wild, freaky and low be classified as emotions?

While words used are very misleading if they were to be associated with emotions.

All in all, it ain't that morale, no?

I would say this product has a confused target audience.

Other than that, if we were to just look at the bottle design and the mechanism itself, I would say it is awesome.


Interesting concept for the bottle solely is undeniable.

The concept for the bottle would make it great if it was to use to package a different content as described.

Again, I wouldn't know if the possibility of manufacturing such bottle exist or not. But it would be great if it does as it would be awesome for other products other than the proposed one.

At least, leave out the idea of association emotions with alcohol then it wouldn't have raised such anger comments.

Just another thought to think of, no?

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