Wednesday, April 14, 2010

creative thinking.

We are still on packaging design for creative thinking this week.

Today, am sharing about a packaging for fresh meals. Or in another word, raw uncook food.


According to the source,
"Packaging design for start up london based food business Scratch Meals. After developing a new concept of a fresh meals kit, one box with all the ingredients + instructions to cook a meal, scratch needed some packaging that would convey this concept and the brand to new consumers.

Packaging features a transparent tray made from RPET which lets consumers see the fresh ingredients within, also features a kraft sleeve surrounding the box with meal description, clear brand identity and cooking instructions on the reverse.

Currently sold at various retailers across London including Budgen's and Slefridges & Co."

Designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins.


Fresh meal kit. Seems very useful especially for those in London who lead hectic life and doesn't have enough time to even have a proper meal sometimes.

And the packaging has compliment the product well enough.

The clear packaging has succeed in giving consumer a clear view of the fresh ingredients within and also the fresh impression bear by the product itself.

Also, the sleeves has serve its purpose well by having cooking instruction as well as bearing the company identity at the same time yet did not blocked the view of the ingredients inside.







Though some readers of claimed that this is dangerously similar with EAT, another food company but EAT produce cooked food instead.


IMO, I think this is a brilliant packaging design though it does seems a tad close to EAT, it still bears its own specialty with the fresh meal kit product.

Personally, I love how the packaging look and the idea being put into it.

We seldom see this kind of packaging around especially in Malaysia itself.

Not so open to new idea, no?

What do you think?


Isabellmiao said...

true. very useful and convenient but PLASTIC!

alLets' Lexy said...

erm... yeah, downpart, plastic. but nothing can be perfect, no? buthen i think its still okie if its include recycle system. =)

Lucian Mathilde said...

Lol no complaints :P The idea is genuine, and of course nothing is perfect. People always like to pick on this pick on that and no matter how good it is they would fabricate errors from nowhere. Dunno when will we Malaysian find things with these standard of designs on our market ._.

alLets' Lexy said...

lucian, i wonder. can malaysia really adapt to this awesome designs? i wonder.

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