Wednesday, April 28, 2010

creative thinking.

It's creative thinking again and yes, we are still stuck with packaging.

Just maybe I should change the name to packaging thinking instead of creative thinking now. lol

So many weeks of packaging already, are you still with me or have you abandon me?

Hope you guys are still here though.

So this week packaging would be one by KOREFE from Germany.


So from that first impression of the picture, have you any idea of what product is this packaging for?


No worry, neither do I when I first saw it.


So here's another picture.

Have you any idea yet?

Hmm... glue bottle?

Yes it is not entirely true but the packaging has been meant to look like the classic wood glue bottle.

As quoted from the source site, Lovely Package:-
Schokoleim is a chocolate paste, packaged in the classic wood glue bottle. The Food Label The Deli garage offers “artisanal” delicacies made with high quality design and functionality of tools from the garage.”


So now you know.

It is a chocolate paste aka. chocolate sauce packaging.

Indeed very fresh idea and quite interesting as to see.

But what worry me is... would it be a good idea to have a classic wood glue bottle to bear the content of chocolate paste, a kind of food to consume.



First of all, this is a food packaging design where target audience would be quite wide IMO as who wouldn't love chocolate sauce?

If so, children would be included when it comes to being the consumer of such product while having a classic wood glue bottle look-alike as the packaging of chocolate sauce, wouldn't it mislead little children who wouldn't know any better.

Risking the possibilities of children having the thought of all classic wood glue bottle bears chocolate sauce inside, children might start sucking out real glue bottle thinking that it's just another chocolate sauce bottle.

I think it is highly dangerous when it comes to that point and I wouldn't agree that it would make a good packaging due to that certain reason.

Plus shouldn't food packaging is supposed to make it look delicious?

Not so delicious looking to me as... I have never thought glue bottle could look delicious.

Quite a turn off to say, not to be harsh.

I am chocolate lover, but chocolate sauce out of glue bottle?

I doubt it.

What do you think of this packaging?

Is it a good idea to you or not?

You want some chocolate glueee??

It's time for some creative thinking.

Roll your brain.


Glo-w~* said...

I love creative packaging but this is too missleading.
Thx for sharing^^

Lucian Mathilde said...

I can see that this stuff is related to food when I saw the word Deli buthen... I JUST SERIOUSLY CAN'T THINK OF IT AS A CHOCOPASTE! WTH! The idea is creative... but when something is way tooo creative it will turns out to be misleading and confusing. This item has them both. Odd Germans. ._.

amenwolf said...

Are both chocolates?
The grey and brown?
Diff flavor?

Creative idea... so convenient for picnics and traveling purposes

Kelvin said...

This isn't a very good idea, but at least i can remember it for a long time ^^

Thristhan said...

Wow, interesting but a little misleading. It is creative and confusing at the same time :)

alLets' Lexy said...

glow, yeap. i think so, too. ^^ u're welcome.

lucian, haha. actually if i und those word written behind then prolly i might get it's related to food, too. but i didn't. =P

amenwolf, i guess so. since i dunno how to read those written behind the packaging. =(

kelvin, haha. yeaap. sth u can remember but doesn't mean it's good.

thristhan, haha. good and bad at the same time. but i don't agree if it were to be manufactured.

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