Monday, April 26, 2010

free 90 Starbucks drinks

Starbucks came out with two new drink for summer if you haven't know already.

I doubt anyone wouldn't know unless... you live under the coconut shell? lol

It came out last Tuesday and I have been dying to go try at least one of it but I didn't get the chance to until I woke up super early on Saturday and that made the day.

I was up 5am, I know it's crazy but I slept early the night before.

Since I have all the morning before I can go out, I made maself breakfast and ended up cooking too much.

So Vivian came into part. I invited her for the extra creamy pasta I have cooked for breakfast.

And hence we departed from ma house together and reached Starbucks itself at 9am.

Yes, I seriously woke up that early.

Another once in a blue moon morning that was for me.


When we got there, the main entrance wasn't even open yet or... it was only opening by then.

And we were laughing about it with the barista.

Guess I went there too much almost most the full time baristas would recognise me.


I got ma hand on the new Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino.

It sounds so tempting and the supposedly Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino in the Starbucks poster looks so yummy.

Buthen you know how it normally only is for visual purpose only.

So that was how it is as you can see the Strawberry and Cream Frap up there wasn't even a tad similar looking to the one in the poster.

Just not as pretty to shoot but I bet it would have taste the same.

Though I am very tempted to request for it to be done as the way shown in the poster.



Since Vivian tried the Espresso and Cream Frappuccino instead, it's like a perfect match to have a mini shoot with both the new drinks, no?

Anyway, the Espresso and Cream Frap does disappoint me a bit, too considering the whipped cream shown in the poster is so much more interesting compare to what we have got.

Don't they have some sort of espresso induced whipped cream instead? lol

Guess not.

It taste quite strong for me though.

Sort of like very strong espresso taste and yet very strong cream taste. Kinda odd in a way but ma taste bud was definitely hogged by ma Strawberry and Cream Frap that day to have taste the other one better.

It was so sweet with a hint of strawberry.

I like it, no doubt.

Was quite surprised to find maself liking a cream frap though.

I don't normally take cream frap, not even the chocolate chip one.

Or maybe it's because it reminds me of strawberry smoothies, I guess that's why.


I guess we took about almost a full hour to shoot those drinks to get some nice pictures.

The baristas there were used to seeing me shoot whatever I see that I like inside there already, so mostly they just smiled and walked pass. lol

They never do question anymore.

I think they did once and now they just know I shoot because I like to.


We kinda hogged most the sofa that day but it was too early to have many customers, too.

Outta topic but don't you love ma flats there?

It's black and it's studded! Geez.

But too bad it's too casual when I need it to be a tad formal. Nah.

Back to the topic, after that full hour, we spent about another hour to camwhore.

I did not plan this because I was planning to head there alone before getting to know that Vivian would be there to meet her friends, too.

So since Starbucks Malaysia is having a mini contest in Facebook where you may upload your most creative picture of you and Starbucks drink, you may get a chance to win 90 Starbucks drink.

If I am not mistaken. But that's almost it.

Camwhore with Starbucks drink and win 90 Starbucks drinks.


90 Starbucks drinks!

Who doesn't want that much of free Starbucks. lol

Since it was supposed to be creative and I don't have much creative brain juice when it comes to this kinda stuff, we mostly ended up making silly faces.

Since there were two of us, we ain't that shy doing all the silly stuff in there.

Plus there's no other customer except us.

Or maybe there's a few school girls around, who cares.


We went to the extend of asking for a mini cup of whipped cream from the barista. lol

Serious. We were trying to make cream moustache.

I wouldn't say we succeed. lol

But we got enough pictures to choose what to submit.

I submitted one that is a combination of three pictures, a picture of Vivian, a picture of me and a picture of both of us.

Then I submitted another one of three pictures of maself. O'wait, I submitted the three pictures above of maself as a combination.

And now I am wondering if I should submit the picture below.

Do you think I can win with these face? lol



You don't often see this side of me, do you.

Of course you don't. I would kill for this kind of pictures of me to be online.

But wtf, this ain't too bad, no?

It just looks silly that's all.

So should I submit? lol

But back to that day, after two full hours of shooting and camwhoring.

We were back to our own respective fav sofa and started on editing pictures and so on.

I prompted Benny to join me in Starbucks after he has a round of 'playing with attitude' with me in Facebook.

I asked him to accompany me to Starbucks last Thursday when I was desperate for it but he wasn't willing and I was emo.

So I told him we are going on Saturday.

I just didn't confirm with him until he found out I was there and I asked him to come. lol


So that's ma seat place in Ipoh Starbucks.

That's taken before Benny came.

Though it's only a fav seat to chill, definitely not one to work.

I have another fav place to work which is sort of not as comfy but enough privacy.

Don't you just love those places with privacy.

At least I have privacy enough and I know it's safe enough to leave ma stuff there when I go there alone to run to the bathroom for a while to come back and find all ma stuff is still safe and sound from where I left them.

Buthen it rarely happen these few times since most the time Benny would be there after I am through with few hours of work and he'll come and we'll talk crap before we head back after he getting his latte doses.

We even make a habit of calling Starbucks drinks with cheapo name. lol

Caffe Americano as kopi o, Tea Latte as teh ais.


Kinda true, no?

That day we stayed there talking crap, while me doing random stuff and him reading over some art mag while Vivian was with her friends and all, Benny and I left around 2pm for lunch.

Guess what we have for lunch?

Another kinda new stuff, new gimmick by the famous fast food around.

Coming up in next post.


jfook said...

The Expresso and Cream Frapuccino look nice..

elynn-p :] said...

nice pics-awesome flats too

alLets' Lexy said...

jfook. yeaaahh taste nice, too. XD

elynn, thanksss there.

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