Thursday, April 1, 2010 made a mark!

OMG I feel so overwhelmed!!

The forums that I have been a Forum Leader of since almost a year ago has made quite a mark just recently!

Recently means very very recent.

Btw, if you have yet to know, I am a Forum Leader of the forums Bet you all would have see me mentioned it here quite a few times already.

Anyway, what's so big deal you ask?

It's just a forum anyway.

But we are no normal forums!

Just very recent, has succeed in bridging the contract between YTL Communication Sdn Bhd for about RM1.2 million transaction deal of purchasing 15% of's share!

RM1.2 million! For only 15% shareeee!!

Now dare you say we are just plain forums.

Also, we Forum Leaders do get bonus aka. commision for whatever hard work we put in the forums, okay?

What you think like those ciplak forums out there who doesn't bother paying the effort of Forum Leaders?


We are definitely not like that okie!

Fine, doesn't pay much but at least we try because we are new! We are just merely a year and three months old and look at the achievement so far!

I wouldn't bother mentioning what we have achieved so far but I bet the huge capital investment by YTL Communication Sdn Bhd is enough to tell everything.

Need not me list everything out but hell yessss I'ma so friggin proud to be a part of it!


Btw, this is NOT an April Fool post. *sweat face*

For proof, proceed to the post made by our NEO here.

Now you see that already?

Come join us!

We are making it biggggggg!!



fran said...

though i still don quite get what u're in now, but congrats! heh heh. XD

alLets' Lexy said...

hah. thankyou thankyou. XD

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